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Reducing Emissions in City Cars and Historic Homes at the SCC

Release Date: 2017-08-01

The Sustainable City Commission last week heard from Long Beach Fleet Services about their efforts towards a Green Fleet, and from Stellar Consulting about the potential impact of energy efficient mortgages (EEMs). Both of these initiatives save greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our city’s impact on the environment. Watch the full presentations online.

Fleet Services manages about 2,000 units for the City of Long Beach. From trash trucks and street sweepers to police cars and fire engines, the City fleet encompasses a wide variety of vehicles. This wide variety presents a challenge as different fuels and engines are better suited to different purposes. Fleet has made bold strides to find and acquire the cleanest technology possible in all City vehicles. They were recognized as one of Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine’s Top 50 Green Fleets in 2016, and the #10 Best Public Fleet in North America by Government Fleet Magazine in 2017. The City fleet currently uses 39% alternative fuel, with a goal to reach 43% in fiscal year 2018. Fleet is also implementing new tracking technology with gamification to incentivize green driving practices. Fleet Services continues to research and test new technology to reduce its carbon footprint even more going forward.

Marcia (aka Pinkey) Tolentino presented on the energy efficient mortgage (EEM) and its potential for reducing emissions through home energy efficiency improvements. This financing tool has been around since 1980, but due to a lack of awareness it has not been widely used. Pinkey would like to see this change in the city of Long Beach where 80% of housing stock was built before 1970. With an EEM, a home buyer (or refinancing home owner) is automatically pre-approved for an additional 5-15% on their mortgage for home energy efficiency improvements. With 3,000 homes sold every year in Long Beach, if only 20% would use an EEM to improve energy efficiency, it would be the equivalent of taking 240 card off the road each year. EEMs can be combined with rebates, down payment assistance, and other financing to make owning a healthy efficient home more accessible to all Long Beach residents. The Office of Sustainability is working with Pinkey through Stellar Consulting to design a program promoting EEMs and other energy efficiency financing options to new home buyers in Long Beach.

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