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Office Celebrates the 2023-24 Class of California Climate Action Corps Fellows

Release Date: 2024-06-07

The Office of Climate Action & Sustainability congratulates the current class of California Climate Action Corps (CCAC) fellows for the accomplishments they have made throughout their time with the City of Long Beach. They have worked hard to support the Office's programs, workshops, and events, contributing greatly to the team's successes. 

Emiliee Estrada
Emiliee Estrada (she/her) joined the City of Long Beach as a CCAC fellow in 2023. Her main projects with the city include supporting the CA Green Business Certification Program and the implementation of the Long Beach Climate Action Plan. Emiliee earned her B.A. in Environmental Science & Policy from CSU Long Beach and her M.A. in Sustainability Leadership from Arizona State University. With her background and experience, she hopes to pursue a career in sustainability consulting or corporate sustainability.

Samantha Duzy
Sami Duzy (she/they) is nearing the end of their second fellowship with CCAC. In their current term, Sami has focused on conducting community outreach, coordinating volunteer tree-planting events, and facilitating educational activities and native habitat restoration at Willow Springs Park. They recently obtained a Masters of Nonprofit Leadership and Management from USC and hope to carry their educational and professional experience into a career in climate education.

Nanthanann Nuon

Nanthanann Nuon (she/her) graduated from CSULB with a Bachelor of Science in Biology in 2023. She sought to explore diverse career paths and areas of interest, prompting her application to CCAC. Throughout her term, she has participated in outreach activities, organized tree-planting events, facilitated residential workshops, and conducted research on native plants to promote the importance of preserving the natural environment.

Kei Ferrer
Kei Ferrer (she/they/siya) is honored to be a land steward on Tongva Land, Long Beach with the Sustainability Team. With a background in Environmental Studies and Sustainability, Kei felt called to dive into the green sector with CCAC. She has
 enjoyed participating in library workshops, tree plantings, park restoration, nature walks, and the team's online series “Neighborly Natives." From the smallest pollinator to the grandest willow, Kei hopes that all the folks who have shared space with them during their time with the City continue to grow as earth stewards.

Ashley Chi

Ashley Chi (she/her) is a passionate environmental advocate with a Bachelor’s in Environmental Science from UC Riverside. Her academic journey was characterized by hands-on research, fieldwork, and active participation in various environmental initiatives, solidifying her commitment to creating a sustainable future. 
Ashley has a profound passion for media and content creation. She has honed her skills in digital storytelling and works to make science accessible and engaging through the many media projects she has created for the Office.

Tatiana Roque

Tatiana Roque (she/her) joined the Office as a Youth Climate Ambassador in April 2022. She became a CCAC fellow in January 2023 and is currently serving a second term. Her main focus has been activating Willow Springs Park through events, community outreach, and the restoration of native habitat. Tatiana has a B.A. in journalism with a minor in environmental science from CSULB. She hopes to continue working with the community and supporting urban greening in a city that is being greatly impacted by climate change.

California Volunteers is currently accepting applications for the next class of California Climate Action Corps Fellows. Learn more and apply for a placement with the City of Long Beach at caclimateactioncorps.org/positions.