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Clean Transportation and Clean Energy at the Sustainable City Commission

Release Date: 2018-07-05

Last week, the Sustainable City Commission heard from Public Works Mobility team about sustainable transportation programs and from Southern California Edison about the pathway to clean energy. The transportation and energy sectors are two of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. Both presentations showcased efforts to reduce these emissions, improve air quality, and create a more sustainable Long Beach. Watch the full presentations online.

Public Works Mobility team shared plans to make Long Beach even more bike friendly. The Bicycle Master Plan outlines bicycling infrastructure projects to make everyone feel safe on the road from ages 8 to 80. The goal of these projects is to convert more car trips into emission free bike trips and shift 30% of all trips to bicycle trips within 30 years. Public Works also manages the Long Beach Bike Share Program, which currently has 400 bikes at 71 hubs around town and plans for more to come.  Beach Streets events also encourage active transportation by closing the route to cars and giving the road to bikers, skaters, and pedestrians for the day. Come out for the next Beach Streets event on August 25th!

Southern California Edison is also working to clean up emissions from transportation. Simply greening the electric grid won’t eliminate enough emissions to meet California’s aggressive reduction goals, so Edison is also planning to electrify cars, trucks, and buildings. Edison’s Clean Power and Electrification Pathway outlines 3 main strategies: power the grid with 80% carbon-free sources (like wind and solar power), electrify 25% of all cars and trucks, and electrify 1/3 of space and water heating in buildings, all by 2030. Find more information on Edison’s Pathway to 2030 online.

Join us at the next Sustainable City Commission on July 26, 2018.