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BlobID=27255Rain Barrel At North Library

The City of Long Beach is demonstrating its commitment to water conservation and providing creative solutions to environmental issues by unveiling a new rain barrel system for water storage and use at North Neighborhood Library.

BlobID=26975Largest Destination Research Project in the U.S.

Long Beach Water Department (LBWD), the L.A. Department of Water & Power and the United States Bureau of Reclamation, have constructed a 300,000 gallon-per-day prototype desalination facility, the largest seawater desalination research & development facility of its kind in the U.S. In addition, LBWD & the Bureau have designed & constructed an "Under Ocean Floor Seawater Intake & Discharge Demonstration System", the first of its kind in the U.S., to demonstrate that desalination intake & discharge systems can be effective & environmentally responsible.

Groundwater BasinManagement of Local Groundwater Basin

The Long Beach Conjunctive Use Project, a significant water supply reliability project, is an innovative and environmentally responsive water storage project that allows LBWD to better utilize the groundwater basin beneath the City of Long Beach, strengthening the City's water supply reliability while maintaining water rate affordability. The project increases LBWD’s groundwater production capability and improves the performance of the saltwater barrier.

recycled waterExpanded Use of Recycled Water

The Long Beach Water Department has built one of the most expansive systems for distributing recycled water of any utility its size; reducing the City's need for potable water by over 10%. The Recycled Water System Expansion Project is being developed in four critical, deliberate phases, and is primarily intended to connect the recycled water system to new customers, as well as increase the reliability of the distribution system through the completion of looped transmission corridors.

water conservationWater Conservation

The amount of water imported into southern California has been permanently reduced. Using the remaining water wisely must become one of our highest priorities. Over the years, Long Beach has sustained one of the most effective water conservation programs in California; although the City's population has increased 28% over the last 25 years, its demand for potable water has decreased 17%.

water protectionWater Quality Protection

Engineered, structural treatment devices, also known as Best Management Practices, selected specifically because of their pollutant removal capabilities are used as control measures to treat runoff. This 3-Stage "Treatment train" is the trash and debris excluder, the filter baskets set inside the catch basin and the catch basin outfall pipe screen. This approach captures oils, grease, pesticides, sediment and bacteria. and is designed to capture in the at the end-of-pipe.