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Projects - Green Economy & Lifestyle


The City established its first Environmentally Preferably Purchasing Policy in 2003.  This policy was designed to encourage the purchase of services and products that reduce toxicity, conserve natural resources, materials and energy and maximize recyclability and recycled content. In 2009, the City has updated this policy to create a Citywide Green Purchasing Policy that reaches farther and establishes requirements that promote waste reduction and product efficiency, solicit "Green" businesses that use materials and practices that are environmentally friendly and includes language for 3rd party vendors/contractors that also require them to follow this policy when doing business with the City.  


The City has expanded their green purchasing commitment through the Sustainable Office Supply or "SOS" program.  This program creates automatic product substitution, substituting non-green products for green products automatically.  The City has also reduced the number of delivery days for office supplies from five to three days per week.  This reduces emissions associated with transportation and delivery of orders.  The SOS program is estimated to increase green spending from 10% to 15%  and reduce cost by an estimated 10% to 12%.


The City of Long Beach is home to five farmers markets throughout the City, offering fresh food grown by local farmers. These markets include East Village, Alamitos Bay Marina, World Trade Center, Marine Stadium and Atlantic/46th Street. Farmer's Markets give residents the opportunity to purchase healthy, locally grown food while supporting local businesses.

green job centerGREEN JOB CENTER

In 2009, the City's Pacific Gateway Workforce Investment Network was awarded almost $2 Million for green job training and placement. This funding will train over 200 at-risk youth and low-income adults in green industries such including solar panel installation, drought-tolerant landscaping, weatherization and recycling as well as provide environmental stewardship training.


The Shop Local. Shop Long Beach. Campaign is designed to educate and encourage residents to spend their money locally, with each dollar spent supports public safety, libraries, parks, infrastructure improvements and helps to create more local jobs. Shopping locally has many sustainable benefits, including reducing vehicle miles traveled, which contributes to less air pollution, reduces our carbon footprint, and helps save money on gasoline as well as helps support the local economy.