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April is Earth Month and Long Beach is celebrating! You can participate in the many events taking place throughout the city listed on our Green Events Calendar and take action with the pledge below. Small changes can make a big difference when we all make them together. You can pledge to take just one action, or pledge to do all six! #GoGreenPledge

Each week pledge participants will be entered to win raffle prizes from the Office of Sustainability and partners, and all participants will be re-entered for a final prize at the end of the month.

Take The Pledge:

To celebrate Earth Month in Long Beach during the Month of April I will commit to taking sustainable actions to conserve resources and help protect our local environment. This month I will:

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Pledge Resources

Below are resources to help you fulfill your pledge commitment. Learn more about your impact, find tools to help you complete your pledge, and opportunities to volunteer and contribute.

Water Conservation

Waste Reduction

Urban Nature

Green Transportation

  • Long Beach Transit wants to help you keep your Go Green Pledge promise. Visit https://ridelbt.com/ to learn about discounted fares and how to plan your trip.
  • Learn more about Long Beach Bike Share.
  • See Bike Long Beach’s Facebook and Twitter pages for more information on events, meetings and infrastructure updates in the City.

Support the CAAP

  • Long Beach is creating a Climate Action and Adaptation Plan that will help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, prepare the community for the impacts of climate change, improve the quality of life, and enhance economic vitality in Long Beach. Provide your input on the plan.
  • Learn more about the CAAP at www.lbds.info/climateactionlb