Special Event Application

Required documents stated within the application can be found under Special Events > Required Documents.

Event Organizer

Event Contact Information (Please provide a street address for each contact, P.O. Boxes are not acceptable)

Event Co-Organizer or Professional Event Planner


Event Representation for Public Information/Media Contact

Event Organizer Tax Status

Event Description

Event Attendance Information

Event Admissions Information

If yes, you must provide a copy of your admission and re-entry policy as well as corresponding admission rates. Please reply to the confirmation email and attach document.

Event Activity and Program Schedule Information

The Event Organizer shall provide a detailed description of their programmed activities within the venue. This includes providing the City with a daily schedule for each area where activities or entertainment will be programmed. The schedule should include the names of the talent/entertainment, the time they perform, timing for sound checks, etc. Please describe the sound equipment as well as any lighting packages that are included in the production. The event organizer shall attach a copy of the activity and program plan to this document.

Please reply to the confirmation email and attach activity and program plan document.

Event Specialized Program Information

If the Event Organizer's Program includes any of the activities listed below, a detailed description of these activities shall be included in the program schedule attached to this document.

  • Massage demonstrations or services;
  • Fire performers/dancers;
  • Tattoo or piercing demonstrations or services;
  • Casino games/drawings;
  • Parachute teams;
  • Racing or racing demonstrations; or
  • Aircraft

Event Route Information

If your event is a parade, walk, fun run, bike ride, or other activity with a specific route or competition area, you must provide a map of your route and describe the route. The plan should include information on where you will start and finish the event, staging areas, competition areas, loading zones, step off location, disbanding areas, etc. You must upload the route plan in the next step.

Please reply to the confirmation email and attach event route map document.

Event Site Plan Information

The Event Organizer shall provide a detailed drawing of the site plan. The site plan shows the placement of temporary structures and equipment on public property and/or rights of way. The following information is required on your site plan. Please show:

  • The perimeter of the entire venue, include the names of all adjacent streets or areas that are part of the venue; show all street closures and/or lane closures associated with the site plan;
  • The location of fences, barricades and barriers,
  • The access and egress points for the venue,
  • The access and egress points for tents and structures within the venue,
  • The 20 foot wide fire lane (emergency access) through out the venue,
  • The locations of all stages, platforms, bleachers, grandstands, canopies, tents, portable toilets, trash containers, or any other temporary structure,
  • The dimensions or size of the equipment and structures within the site plan,
  • The cooking areas to be used for the event, show the locations of food trucks or carts,
  • The location of all alcohol points of sale (beer gardens or free flow plan, points of sale, etc.),
  • The location of First Aid and Emergency Service Coordination Staff,
  • The location of power sources or generators, show the distribution of power within the venue, generators must be cordoned off within event venue
  • The locations of carnival rides, games, live animals, inflatables, or similar equipment,
  • The location of any/all fuel stations, show the location of propane tanks, natural gas lines, black powder storage, and pyrotechnics locations,
  • The locations of parking for public, vendors and VIP's, show where trailers or large trucks will be stored, and
  • The location of "free speech" zone, etc...

Please reply to the confirmation email and attach event site plan document.

Event Parking Information

Event Traffic Management Information

Street closures, lane closures, traffic detours, traffic directional signage, temporary no parking locations, times and signs, or other tasks requiring traffic safety equipment, you must use one of the many city approved contractors. The plans used by the contractors must be approved by the City of Long Beach prior to the permit being issued.
You must attach a copy of your Traffic Management and Parking Plan in the next step.

Please reply to the confirmation email and attach event traffic management information document.

Event Site Services Information

(Custodial Services, Comfort Stations, Waste & Recycling Management, Street Sweeping, etc...)

Event First Aid, Medical Services and Emergency Management Plans

Crowd Management and Venue Security

(Venue Access, Event Staff, Security Staff, etc...)

Download the Security Plan Worksheet. Please provide a detailed plan for venue and security management with the application. Required information must include a "dot map" showing the location of security staff and their assignments. The Office of Special Events cannot approve a permit unless we have received and approved a security plan at least three weeks before the planned event date.

Alcohol Control and Management Plans

Merchandise Concessions

Insurance Requirements

An original Certificate of Insurance and the Additional Insured Endorsement must be submitted to the Office of Special Events and Filming thirty (30) days prior to the event. Copies of the certificates and/or endorsements can be submitted with this application.
Please upload copies of any certificates and/or endorsement

Event Organizer Requirements

Special Event permit requirements are based on Long Beach Municipal Code Section 5.60. The City of Long Beach requires the signature(s) of the party/parties who will be held responsible for the payment of any City services and/or fees. The applicants and, if applicable, the professional event organizer must complete and submit this application. In order to complete the Special Event application, payment must be mailed within ten (10) business days from online submittal to the following address:

Long Beach Special Events & Filming
5001 Airport Plaza Drive
Suite 130
Long Beach, CA 90815

The Applicant and/or Event Organizer are individuals authorized to make operating decisions, and negotiate the terms and conditions for city services for the producer. These people are responsible for the payment of any expenses generated by the City of Long Beach to support or oversee the event. Any notice, demand, request, consent, approval, or communication that the City desires, or is required to give to the event organizers or producer shall be addressed to the individuals listed in this document.

Statement of Affidavit

I certify that the information contained in the foregoing application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief; that I have read, understand and agree to abide by the rules and regulations governing the proposed Special Event under Long Beach Municipal Code, and I understand that this application is made subject to the rules and regulations established by the City Council and/or the City Manager or the City Manager's designee. Applicant agrees to comply with all other requirements of the City, County, State, Federal Government, and any other applicable entity which may pertain to the use of the Event venue and the conduct of the Event. In the event that a possessory interest subject to property taxation is created by virtue of this use permit, I agree to pay all possessory interest taxes and the City shall not be liable for the payment of such taxes. I further agree that the payment of any such taxes shall not reduce any consideration paid to the City pursuant to this use permit. I agree to abide by these rules, and further certify that I, on behalf of the Host Organization, am also authorized to commit that organization, and therefore agree to be financially responsible for any costs and fees that may be incurred by or on behalf of the Event to the City of Long Beach.