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Smarter Mobility Options

Why does this matter?

Did you know that two-thirds of Long Beach residents work elsewhere and that two-thirds of individuals that work in Long Beach live somewhere else? That means a lot of driving, a lot of congestion, and a lot of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. As the world becomes increasingly connected, demand for new and faster ways of moving around is higher than ever. We believe these solutions can help reduce GHG emissions, and that government has a role in ensuring that mobility technologies are accessible to all.

Smarter mobility options for driving, transit, and micro-mobility can help reduce car emissions and provide greener, multi-modal transportation options. Development of mobility technologies has a role in advancing the City’s sustainability and climate goals.  

What are we doing?

Long Beach is working with scooter companies to promote equitable distribution of resources, tracking pedestrian and bicyclists’ use of our trails, and exploring intelligent traffic signals that may reduce congestion, detect near-misses, and prioritize roadway safety improvements.

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are poised to be a key driver of shared and autonomous mobility solutions. We are installing EV charging stations at public parking lots and City fleet locations through our Charge Ready Program and through our EV Charger Giveaway Program.

Parking: If you live in Long Beach, you probably know about the parking constraints that many of our neighborhoods face. We are currently exploring smart parking systems that use technology to let you know where parking spots in your neighborhood are available or where the nearest and cheapest parking lot is for your meeting Downtown.

Some of our recent work:

  • Our micromobility program allows operators to deploy electric scooters in Long Beach. Our permit program ensures that scooters will be distributed equitably and that operators will share data to inform our mobility program descisions
  • Our two eco-totem counters count pedestrians and bicyclists via infrared and inductive loops in real-time
  • We support vehicle electrification via City EV Charging Stations, the EV Charge Ready Program, and EV Charger Giveaway Program
  • We are exploring local partnerships to deploy adaptive traffic signal controllers and technology that can provide analysis on intersection safety and route travel times

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