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Smart City Hall / Digital Services

Smart City Hall

Why Does This Matter?

A smart city also means a smart City Hall and a City staff that can provide you with digital and efficient services. We are focused on leveraging technology to better deliver core city services and engage our residents and upskilling our employees to collaborate and better serve Long Beach residents. We are also receptive to piloting new ideas and trying things differently. We’re looking at strategies and policies that help us procure solutions more easily and flexibly. 

What We’re Doing?

We are implementing a new Go Long Beach app and single City phone number using automated voice recognition to effectively communicate with Long Beach residents to be more accessible and build trust and accountability. We are also working on projects like an Electronic Document Management System that will allow us to automate internal processes, use less paper, and look for process improvement.

Finally, we are committed to a culture of innovation – and who does innovation better than tech startups? We partnered with the national Startup in Residence (STIR) program to crowdsource technology solutions to address some of the City’s stickiest challenges. This program helps us make sure that when we do purchase a software solution, it’s already been vetted and tailored to our specific needs.

Some Of Our Recent Work:

  • Our Smart City Challenge, powered by Startup in Residence, allows us to procure innovative solutions to City-issued challenges
  • To improve community accessibility of city services, we conducted a resident survey. We are launching One Number, a single City phone number for all inquiries, and recently redesigned the Go Long Beach app to make it more user-friendly and enable public dashboards for service requests
  • Our Long Beach Office of Civic Innovation serves as in-house consultants to City departments to co-create effective approaches that address the most pressing issues
  • We actively utilize Zencity to understand emerging community discourse topics and address misinformation with targeted communications

Smart Cities Initiative Annual Report

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