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Sharing and Using Data Smarter 


Why does this matter?

We’re committed to ensuring Long Beach residents have fully open access to data collected and generated by the City. We believe in the power of data to tell stories, to compel us to improve our operations, and to inform decision-making.

In Long Beach, we also believe data is a strategic asset. And like all things we care about, it is critical that we have procedures in place to manage it. That’s why we have formed a Data Committee focused on establishing data governance policies to manage our data and ensure it’s available for public use. For example, we want you to tap into our energy consumption data and offer feedback on how we might be more efficient in reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.

What are we doing? 

A robust open data program is a cornerstone of our City government. We launched DataLB, our open data portal, in 2015 and we are committed to continually expanding the number of data sets and opportunities for communities to download and play with them.

Some of our recent work: 

  • We continue to add new datasets and interactive experiences to DataLB, the City’s open data portal, and BudgetLB, the City’s interactive budget dashboard
  • We have developed internal City policies to encourage data sharing, data governance, and automation of data pipelines, including our Open Data Policy and Interdepartmental Data Sharing Policy
  • Our Citywide Data Committee (Committee Charter) and Data Governance Committee (Charter) provide oversight to our open data program
  • In 2019, we launched the first Long Beach Citywide Data Challenge (Recap) to encourage City staff to work together across Departments and develop data analysis skills to addressing key questions
  • Long Beach is an active participant in the What Works Cities program, which helps helps local governments improve residents' lives by using data and evidence effectively to tackle pressing challenges. Related projects include:  
    • We partnered with the Results for America Open Cities team to analyze how we might publish accessible open data surrounding homelessness to spark more accurate and meaningful discussions among residents and the community at large (Homeless Data Engagement Roadmap)
    • We collaborated with the Behavioral Insights Team to conduct an evaluation of City messaging to encourage public adoption of our service request app, Go Long Beach
    • The Long Beach Public Library is currently working with the Johns Hopkins University Center for Government Excellence to develop data governance and performance metrics practices.

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