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Anaheim Street Collider

Anaheim Street Collider

Why does this matter? 

The Long Beach Office of Civic Innovation created a public-private collaborative between City departments, public agencies, private corporations, and Long Beach residents to form the Anaheim Street Collider for the Smart City Initiative - a series of visioning workshops to make the Anaheim Street corridor safer for vehicle traffic, pedestrians, and cyclists while making it more appealing for residents, shoppers, and business owners. 

What we’re doing?

The Office of Civic Innovation hosted the Anaheim Street Collider series over the course of four months.

This co-created workshop process has evolved into three concepts for the Anaheim Street corridor: Mobility, Technology, and Placemaking.

Team Mobility
  • Previous How Might We (HMW): "How might we make the 710 bridge safe for non-auto traffic?"
  • Previous Solution: Modify the existing bridge or build a second, pedestrian and bike-focused bridge with destination-like amenities (e.g., local vendors) for safe transit across the LA River.
  • Updated HMW: "How might we create mobility solutions prioritizing the needs of marginalized residents to increase resource access?
Team Technology
  • Previous HMW: "How might we create a more controlled north-south crossing of Anaheim Street?"
  • Previous Solution: Provide a free, trolley-like bus service to move residents safely along and across Anaheim Street.
  • Updated HMW: "How might we activate high school and college students in Long Beach to redesign Anaheim Street into an inclusive experience?"
Team Placemaking
  • Previous HMW: "How might we provide a more equal distribution of resources along Anaheim Street from East to West?"
  • Previous Solution: Create parklets by reclaiming parking spaces to attract residents and commuters into restaurants and businesses along Anaheim Street.
  • Updated HMW: "How might we bring nature to all people on Anaheim Street?"

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