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City Council Approves Smart City Initiative and Data Privacy Guidelines

Release Date: 2021-03-10

On Tuesday March 9, 2021, the Long Beach City Council voted 8 - 0 to approve the City’s Smart City Initiative Strategy and Data Privacy Guidelines to enable the City of Long Beach to use emerging technology and data to expand its capacity to enhance City operations, improve the daily lives of Long Beach residents, and protect residents’ personal privacy and digital rights. Full text from City Council item can be accessed here.

The approved Smart City Strategy and Data Privacy Guidelines can be found here.  

The Technology & Innovation Department (TID) will now work with City staff, local stakeholders, and community members to implement the strategies and objectives therein. TID will also work closely with the Commission to develop a workplan to operationalize the Data Privacy Guidelines via City policies, educational campaigns, and procedures as appropriate. TID staff will distribute the final documents to key stakeholders, leverage the Smart City website as a platform to report on progress in meeting key objectives, and provide regular updates to the Long Beach community, the Commission, and City Council.