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Smart City Initiative Annual Report

Release Date: 2022-04-22

The launch of the Smart City Initiative in 2019 established guiding principles and pathways to using technology and data to improve the lives of all Long Beach residents. The Smart City Initiative is built upon principles of equity, inclusion, resilience, innovation, and community collaboration.

This Initiative aims to advance solutions to civic challenges by engaging the community, City staff, and the private sector to explore and implement emerging technology. A “smarter” Long Beach uses technology and data to manage change and expand capacities to better the daily lives of Long Beach residents, enhance city operations and make the best possible use of resources across all City Departments.

Find out what our City has been up to explore, implement, and create new technology to make our City better. From augmented reality, to smart traffic signals, to data privacy protections; we’re working hard to make sure technology works for you! 

Read the full 2022 report. 

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