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Map Criteria

Members of the public will be able to create and submit maps using the online mapping tool to create citywide and individual district maps.

The Independent Redistricting Commission must consider the following criteria when drawing the final map, in order of criteria:

  1. The geographic integrity of a neighborhood that minimizes its division.
  2. Communities of interest that are a contiguous population that shares common social and economic interests.
  3. Neighborhoods and communities sharing a common language, history, culture and identity.
  4. Geography and topography.
  5. District boundaries that are easily identifiable and understandable. Districts should be bounded by natural and artificial barriers, by street lines, and/or City boundary lines.
  6. Districts should be geographically compact such that nearby areas of population are not bypassed for more distant population.
  7. All lines must correspond to census blocks in order to preserve the validity of data and avoid arbitrary boundaries.
  8. Other criteria that do not conflict with the other requirements and criteria listed in the City Charter or with state or federal law.

In addition, the Commission will number each Council district to keep as many residents as possible in the number of the Council district they currently reside in and the Commission must not consider the residence of any individual or draw districts to favor or discriminate against a political party.