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Ryan Giffen, Commissioner

Dr. Ryan Giffen’s early career began as a constituent services representative for a U.S. Congressional representative.  After that, Dr. Giffen led hospitality organizations for over a decade, spearheading roles within hotel and restaurant operations and human resource departments for Fortune 500 companies.  He then found his passion for teaching and consulting, which led him to earn a Ph.D. from Iowa State University in Hospitality Management with a research emphasis on human resources.

In addition to serving as a redistricting commissioner for the City of Long Beach, Dr. Giffen is the founder & chief HR strategist for Inospire, the host of The Corporate Shadow podcast, an assistant professor of hospitality management at California State University-Long Beach and serves on the board of directors for the West Federation International Council on Hotel, Restaurant & Institutional Education as the director of membership services.

Dr. Giffen always had a passion for civic engagement and believes that all stakeholders benefit when government and citizens collaborate through shared governance.  He also believes that The City of Long Beach continues to thrive as a model city that other municipalities look to in bringing non-elected citizens into the process of open governing.  As one of the first few cities in the United States to have an Independent Commission to redistrict its council lines, he hopes to be a vessel that assists all citizens in fair, honest representation through shared governance.