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Genna L. Beckenhaupt, Commissioner

Genna Beckenhaupt 
is privileged and wholly exited to serve on the Independent Redistricting Commission and to help shape the city that she calls home. Beckenhaupt has been a resident of Long Beach since childhood and chose to return here after obtaining her bachelor’s degree. She has been involved in the community for decades working in a small business and volunteering with LGBTQ Center of Long Beach, serving as an AIDS Walk committee member and providing administrative support. Currently, she works as a Development Coordinator at CSU Long Beach helping to raise funds for the College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics and the College of Education. 

Having both a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Political Communication from James Madison University and a master’s degree in Political Science from UC Irvine, Beckenhaupt has a deep appreciation for local government and the importance of redistricting. She has lead courses in urban and metropolitan politics and learned Statistics from the professor who served as a special master to redraw Virginia’s congressional districts after federal judges ruled previous maps were unconstitutionally gerrymandered. Both educational backgrounds and community involvement provide her with a solid foundation to take on this task. Beckenhaupt values equity in representation and the diversity of the public’s voice. She is truly honored to serve as an Independent Redistricting Commissioner and help our community to secure representation that reflects who we are.