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Eric R. Oates, Commissioner

Eric Oates has been a resident of Long Beach for eight years and, over the years, has developed a love for the city and communities within. Oates attended California State University, Long Beach, where he was involved in leadership positions in multiple on-campus organizations. Such organizations include an academic honor society focused on career development, a philanthropic organization engaged with the local community, and the Long Beach State rowing team. 

Those positions prepared Oates for the challenging and rewarding discussions involved with building consensus among groups of highly motivated people with diverse interests. In the years since graduation, he has continued to grow these skills by working in a fast-paced office environment as a member and leader of teams involved with the corporate tax needs of a mid-sized healthcare company. Oates is utilizing this opportunity to contribute these skills to benefit the local community and work towards creating a more representative government for the citizens of the city that has grown to become a part of his identity. 

Oates believes that it is of the utmost importance that our city serves as one of many models across the country demonstrating the efficacy of independent redistricting commissions and hopes to play a small role in bringing the necessary change to this aspect of our democracy.