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Alejandra Gutierrez, Chair

Chair Alejandra Gutiérrez interest in serving on the Independent Redistricting Commission comes from her desire to be an active civic participant in the City of Long Beach. She possesses a bachelor’s degree in American Studies, which introduced her to the process of redistricting and its fundamental role in a representative democracy.  In 2012, Chair Gutiérrez earned a master’s in Cultural Studies further strengthening her knowledge of the American political system and expanding her analytical abilities.

While pursuing her graduate degree, she worked for the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau as a Crew Leader in the Long Beach regional office. Through her current position as an Academic Counselor at UC Irvine, she has amassed years of experience working in teams, to meet varying institutional goals and enforcing policies equitably.

Chair Gutiérrez has been a long-time resident of Long Beach, specifically the 6th and 7th districts, which has heightened her awareness of the importance of representation for diverse populations.  This city has been her home since 1999 and through this long residency; she has become well acquainted with all of the neighborhoods that comprise the nine Long Beach council districts. She understands the importance of redistricting for the fair representation of all residents, but also in local efforts to identify specific community needs.

In her role as Chair, her goal is to democratically lead the commission in the tremendous task of drawing district maps that will secure equitable political representation for all the residents of this great city. She believes the formal education and lived experiences she has accumulated makes her an asset to the Independent Redistricting Commission and is grateful for the opportunity to serve her city and fellow residents in this role.