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Coastal Zone Nesting Reporting Form

The Public Works tree maintenance policy includes, but is not limited to, requirements for bird nesting surveys, monitoring, best practices, and administrative procedures in the Coastal Zone with the intent of preserving coastal habitat and complying with all applicable state and federal policies involving tree trimming and removal.

The primary federal laws protecting birds as well as other wildlife include the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) and Endangered Species Act (ESA). California Fish and Game Code 3500, 3503, 3503.5, and 3511 detail protections for nests and birds specific to the State.

To mail this form to Public Works, view the Coastal Zone Nesting Reporting Form PDF, and send to Public Works (Public Service Bureau) - Nesting Surveys, 1651 San Francisco Ave., Long Beach, CA 90813.

For any questions or for more information, please contact Felix Mendoza, City Arborist via phone at (562) 570-2731 or via e-mail at Felix.Mendoza@longbeach.gov.