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Public Trees

The Public Works Department is committed to preserving and protecting the community's urban forest and promoting the health and safety of City trees, from the time they are planted through maturity. The department cares for approximately 94,000 City public trees, and trims roughly 20,000 trees each year. Tree trimming requests must first be inspected to determine the trees condition and decipher a plan of action. Tree trimming requests are prioritized based on severity to clear paths for pedestrians and vehicle traffic. Tree Planting Permit Applications and Tree Trimming Permit Applications can be submitted via e-mail. Please review the Approved Tree List and Tree Planting Instructions before submitting a Tree Planting Permit Application. 

Report a Public Tree Issue

Report a public tree issue by calling (562) 570-2700 option 4, on the GO Long Beach App or on the Go Long Beach website. Please provide the street address of the public tree when reporting.

Public Tree Resources

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