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Inspections and Invoice Information

Why Did I Receive An NPDES Invoice?

California State law requires that the City of Long Beach inspects qualifying commercial facilities at a frequency of every two years—qualifying industrial facilities at a frequency of every two years for facilities that have activities and raw materials exposed to stormwater and every five years for facilities that do not have exposure to stormwater. Inspections are conducted to confirm that stormwater and non-stormwater best management practices (BMPs) are being effectively implemented in compliance with Chapter 8.96 of the Long Beach Municipal Code.

For more information on requirements for commercial sources, please review the Commercial Facilities BMPs. For more information on requirements for industrial sources, please review the Industrial General Permit (IGP - http://bit.ly/cswrcb-igp).

How Do I Pay My NPDES Inspection Invoice?

Invoices may be payed online via the citation processing center (dataticket.com/index.aspx.) Click "Citation Search," enter your citation number and input "12:00" for "Time of Citation" (example below).

Invoice Image

Payments are also available via phone at (800) 969-6158 (Citation Processing Center) or mailed check payment to:

NPDES Processing Center P.O. Box 7275
Newport Beach, CA 92658

For more information, please review the NPDES Invoice Letter FAQ and Statements.