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Litter-Related Bylaws and Laws

Violations of the City's Municipal Codes and/or California Penal, Vehicle, and Health and Safety Codes are subject to fines of not less than two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) and not more than twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000.00), and possible imprisonment.

Illegal Distribution of Pamphlets

(Long Beach Municipal Code 5.46.060)

Littering on Beaches

(Long Beach Municipal Code 16.16.010)

Littering on Public Right of Way

(Long Beach Municipal Code 8.60.111)

Littering (various)

(California Penal Code 374)

Illegal Dumping

(Long Beach Municipal Code 8.60.120)

Littering of Cigarettes

(California Vehicle Code 23111)

Scavenging of Recyclables

(Long Beach Municipal Code 8.60.130)

Highway Littering and
Illegal Dumping
(California Vehicle Code 23112)

Programs and Resources

Stop Unwanted Junk MailStop Unwanted Junk Mail
Report an AdvertiserReport an Advertiser
Can Your ButtsCan Your Butts
Abandoned Shopping CartsAbandoned Shopping Carts Report Illegal DumpingReport Illegal Dumping Report Storm Drain DumpingReport Storm Drain Dumping
Large Item Pick-up RequestLarge Item Pick-up Request Clean TeamClean Team Find or Organize a LitterFreeLB Clean-up in Your NeighborhoodFind or Organize a LitterFreeLB Clean-up in Your Neighborhood