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Infrastructure Investment Plan

A strong foundation of any city lies in its infrastructure. City infrastructure includes building and maintaining streets, sidewalks, curbs, trees, parks, community centers, libraries, and other public facilities. Investing in infrastructure is important to serve the needs of residents and businesses. Every fiscal year, City staff are tasked with recommending a variety of infrastructure investments for City Council consideration. The Infrastructure Investment Plan (IIP) focuses on a citywide approach, considering where the City and residents can reap the most benefits.

On August 1, 2023, the City of Long Beach unveiled a proposed enhancement of $214.6 million to the existing five-year infrastructure plan through FY 27 (October 1, 2027 - September 30, 2028). The proposed plan, known as Elevate '28, includes new funding to enhance the City’s plan to revitalize the City’s infrastructure, prepare the City to be a showcase for the world during the 2028 Olympics, and continue to improve and enhance City parks, major corridors, and visitor-serving areas.

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Elevate '28 Infrastructure Investment Plan Map

On May 2, 2023, the Long Beach City Council approved the FY23 Measure A Bond funding. This document outlines the approved projects expected to be complete during FY23-FY27. The Elevate '28 Infrastructure Investment Plan combines the approved Measure A Five Year Infrastructure plan approved in FY23 along with the three new categories: 2028 Olympic Legacy, Community & Cultural Investments, and Gold Medal Park Refresh projects.

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