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Artesia Great Boulevard Project

Artesia Great Boulevard Groundbreaking Photo

Additional project updates and information will be published on an on-going basis.

Latest Updates - July 2023

*Single Lane Access
In preparation for street pavement restoration on Artesia Boulevard, there will be several street closures impacting the area during the month of August 2023. The City’s contractor, Granite Construction will be performing pavement work which will allow only one open lane on either side of the median at the locations listed below.

  • Harbor Avenue to Muriel Avenue
  • Atlantic Avenue to Lime Avenue
  • Union Pacific Railroad Tracks to Downey Avenue 

*Click image for larger view 

Artesia Great Boulevard Project August 2023 Schedule Map Image

The City of Long Beach has contracted with Granite Construction for the Artesia Great Boulevard project. Construction began in early 2023 with a forecasted completion in early 2024. Work is ongoing throughout the three-mile corridor (Artesia Boulevard between Harbor Ave./Susana Rd. to Downey Ave.)

Project Area

Artesia Great Boulevard Project Map

TRAFFIC & PARKING LIMITATIONS: Repaving work will begin late June 2023. For the safe delivery of repaving work, traffic will be reduced to one lane of travel in each direction and parking will be prohibited where “No Parking-Tow Away” signs are posted. This repaving effort will upgrade the inner half of the roadway, adjacent to the roadway medians.

During the next stage of work, the City’s contractor will construct improvements near the sidewalks and parkways as well as at intersection corners. Traffic will be open with two lanes of travel in each direction, but parking will be prohibited for long periods during this traffic closure. This is necessary to complete concrete and paving work at or adjacent to the parking lane.

NIGHT WORK: Night work will occur intermittently to change traffic patterns and complete intersection work. While the City’s contractor will attempt to open streets as soon as it is safe to do so, we encourage the use of alternate routes.

NO PARKING-TOW AWAY:The City is working diligently to minimize parking and traffic issues as much as possible. If you park your vehicle on Artesia Boulevard, we ask you to prepare for these incoming traffic and parking limitations. Parking is available in areas wherever temporary “No Parking-Tow Away” signs do not restrict vehicular parking. Please note that “No Parking-Tow Away” signs will have the date and time of the parking restriction, and will be posted 48 hours in advance of the work. Please observe “No Parking-Tow Away” signs and make a note of the parking restriction to avoid vehicle towing at owners’ expense.Street sweeping may be affected during this period; however, your refuse pickup will remain as scheduled.

THANK YOU: Our goal is to complete the work in the most safe and expedient manner possible while maintaining the highest quality of work. Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation throughout this project.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the project or parking, please contact Granite Construction at (760) 444-1028. For emergencies, please call Mauricio Arreola, Granite Construction Project Manager, at (279) 444-9869.

Tree Work and Wildlife

A Landscaping Plan has been developed as part of this project. The Artesia Great Boulevard Project will add approximately 400 new public trees in place of 150 old public trees to be removed. This will beautify our communities and create a unified corridor. Trees selected for removal are predetermined prior to construction to either be in declining condition or impacted by infrastructure improvement (construction). The City of Long Beach will post notices on the trees selected for removal the week of January 23, 2023. The contractor plans to begin tree removal 10 days after the posting as one of their initial tasks.

Project Information

Street improvements are coming to Artesia Boulevard between Harbor Avenue/Susanna Road to Downey Avenue. This 3.2 mile project will consist of roadway improvements such as asphalt roadway removal and replacement, concrete sidewalk, curb replacement, median and median fencing improvements, traffic signal enhancements, installation of ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) equipment, street lighting, pedestrian lighting improvements, stormwater bio-retention treatments, Class IV bike lanes, bulb-outs, landscape improvements, new street furniture, and wayfinding signage.

The project is estimated to begin early 2023 and estimated to be completed by early 2024, barring unforeseen weather changes or other circumstances.

Planned Project Improvements

Roadway Improvements, Landscape Improvements, Bioretention, Bus Stop Improvements, Class IV Bikeway, Traffic Improvements, Bus Stop Improvements, Curb Enhancements, Street Furniture

Street Cross Section Dimensions

Canopy flowering street trees, street light banners, dining/seating area parklet, bike enhancements

Project Funding

This project is funded by Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Grants and City Infrastructure Bonds.

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