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Atlantic Avenue  Map - Business Open Streets

New Open Streets on Atlantic Avenue

Release Date: 2021-02-16

As part of the City of Long Beach's ongoing effort to provide COVID-19 support to local businesses, the Atlantic Avenue Temporary Open Streets location between East Claiborne Drive and East Armando Drive has arrived, offering outdoor space for dining and other approved services.

Vehicular traffic is limited temporarily to one lane in each direction on Atlantic Avenue between East Claiborne Drive and East Armando Drive. Businesses will utilize sidewalks on the east side of Atlantic Avenue to expand business space. The west side of Atlantic Avenue features angled parking to increase parking spaces.

The Atlantic Avenue Open Streets location will continue until outdoor physically-distanced services are no longer required. The location will be evaluated on a bi-weekly basis to continuously monitor traffic impacts and public safety. Possible modifications may be needed to address any specific issues during this pilot project.

For more information on the Open Streets Program, visit longbeach.gov/openstreets.