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The Department of Public Works consists of six bureaus, supporting the core mission and functions of the City of Long Beach in providing outstanding service to residents, businesses, and community partners.

For Public Works information, please call (562) 570-5000.


Joy Contreras - Community Relations Officer

     Joy Contreras

     Community Relations Officer

     City Hall - 5th Floor
     411 West Ocean Boulevard
     Long Beach, CA 90802


Jonathon Bolin - Business Operations Bureau Manager


     Jonathon Bolin

     Acting Manager

     City Hall - 5th Floor
     411 West Ocean Boulevard
     Long Beach, CA 90802
     Phone: (562) 570-5938

The Business Operations Bureau provides central administrative support, coordination, and direction for the entire department. This support includes: the management of Public Works’ diverse financial resources, comprised of the annual operating budget, a multi-year Capital Improvement Program, and federal, state, and local grants; centralized personnel and payroll support to the department as well as Long Beach Airport; and providing a safe and hazard-free workplace for employees by demonstrated leadership in the effective delivery and continuous improvement of safety. 


Keith Hoey - Engineering Bureau Manager

     Keith Hoey

     Manager (City Engineer)

     City Hall - 5th Floor
     411 West Ocean Boulevard
     Long Beach, CA 90802
     (562) 570-6322

The Engineering Bureau provides a diverse array of services, including: the design, construction management, and operation of nearly 1,000 miles of City-owned streets, alleys, storm water, and storm drains.

The Bureau also provides design and construction services for various capital improvement projects throughout the City, including Long Beach Airport and the City’s parks. Engineering also maintains the record drawings for these improvements. In addition, the Bureau regulates and issues permits for any construction work or other usage of the public right-of-way.


Joshua Hickman - Business Operations Bureau Manager

     Joshua Hickman

     Acting Manager/Deputy Director

     2929 East Willow Street
     Long Beach, CA 90806
     (562) 570-2876

The award-winning Environmental Services Bureau preserves the upkeep of the cityscape with street sweeping operations that span from the City’s major corridors to its residential streets, and a robust refuse and recycling collection service that serves more than nearly 120,000 residential and commercial customers. Actively partnering with the community, ESB has sponsored, hosted, and led community education about reducing waste, collecting household hazardous waste (such as pharmaceuticals), and connecting businesses and non-profits with its Long Beach Exchange Program, which provides for re-use of items such as office equipment.

The Bureau also enforces vehicular state and local violations and assists in vehicle impounds related to stolen vehicles, scofflaws, and other incidents.  


Marilyn Surakus - Project Management Bureau Manager

     Marilyn Surakus


     City Hall - 5th Floor
     411 West Ocean Boulevard
     Long Beach, CA 90802
     (562) 570-5793

The Project Management Bureau is responsible for the delivery of improvements to the City’s parks, public facilities, Tidelands areas, and public rights-of-way.  From rebuilding public restrooms, children’s playgrounds, seawalls, docks, piers, parking lots, and community centers – to installing new solar panels and electric vehicle charging stations. The Project Management Bureau manages projects at varying stages of the project life cycle, which includes development/conceptual design, planning, architectural/engineering design, permitting, procurement/competitive bidding, and construction.

The Bureau also provides support to private developments by streamlining the development process and providing a more predictable interface with the public and City Departments for large private development work being done that impacts the public right of way.  Staff works closely with applicants, the Development Services Department, and internal stakeholders to expedite engineering plan checks, permitting, dedications, easements, vacations, subdivision mapping, and wireless small cell, parklets and sidewalk dining applications.


Marc Wright - Public Service Bureau Manager

     Marc Wright


     1651 San Francisco Avenue
     Long Beach, CA 90813
     (562) 570-2700

The Public Service Bureau serves a critical role in the care of the public rights-of-way, including the trimming of trees in residential and commercial districts, and the repair of potholes in City streets and alleys. Additionally, the Bureau keeps the City's 550 traffic signals operating 24 hours a day, maintains nearly 3,600 parking meters on streets and in surface lots, and upkeeps the City’s street signs, street striping and legends, and red/green/white and blue curbs.

The Bureau also provides crucial support to the City during emergency operations, including rapid response to unplanned incidents such as storms, accidents, power outages, and planned special events, such as the annual Long Beach Grand Prix.


Carl Hickman - Transportation Mobility Bureau Manager 


     Manager (City Traffic Engineer)

     City Hall - 4th Floor
     411 West Ocean Boulevard
     Long Beach, CA 90802
     (562) 570-6331

The Transportation Mobility Bureau is responsible for the safe and efficient movement of people and goods on the City’s multi-modal transportation network. Specific work responsibilities include: traffic safety investigations, traffic signals, neighborhood traffic calming studies and design, the traffic management center, bikeway project development, bicycle and pedestrian safety, transportation planning, complete streets, bicycle and pedestrian encouragement and education programs, and coordination with citywide healthy living programs. The Bureau also staffs the Mayor on the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA) Board of Directors as well as staffing other multi-jurisdictional committees. 

The Bureau is also responsible for managing the city bike-share and e-scooter share programs. It also manages the blue curb program and the oversized vehicle parking program.