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Report Abandoned Shopping Carts

Abandoned carts are a nuisance and an eyesore that hurt our neighborhoods. They can be dangerous, and tend to attract litter and more carts.

How do shopping carts get abandoned, anyway? People “borrow” them. But people should know that removing carts from a store’s parking lot – or even possessing a cart without the store’s permission – is illegal and subject to a substantial fine. MORE INFO

Do stores have a role to play? They do. Stores are required to employ all reasonable means to ensure that carts remain on their property, including physical barriers, security personnel, and especially signs to let customers know that taking carts is illegal. Stores must retrieve their own carts when asked to do so. MORE INFO

What can residents do? First, don’t be part of the problem. There are many “personal carts” available, and most are inexpensive – much less than the potential fine for taking a store cart!

What can you do if you see an abandoned cart? Call the store that owns the cart and request that the cart be retrieved.

If you don’t know which store to call, contact the California Shopping Cart Retrieval Corporation at (800) 252-4613 or online at https://retailsolutionsus.com/pickuprequest/.