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Long Beach Announces the Start of Broadway Corridor Revitalization from Alamitos Avenue to Redondo Avenue
Sean Crumby
Deputy Director
Department of Public Works

Long Beach announced today that the Broadway Corridor Revitalization project is underway. Consistent with the Broadway Visioning Study, completed in February 2016, features of this project will introduce a pedestrian village to the corridor through traffic calming measures, improved bicycle network connections, and new parking opportunities on 1st Street and 2nd Street.  

“Broadway is going to look great after this project is completed,” said Mayor Robert Garcia. “This corridor improvement is great for local residents and the businesses along the corridor.”

This Measure A-funded project covers approximately 12 acres and is 9,200 feet in length. The removal of existing pavement and resurfacing of the roadway will allow for Americans with Disabilities Act improvements through repair of existing sidewalks, curbs, gutters, and curb ramps.

“We are excited to bring the community an enhanced corridor that not only supports safe foot and bicycle traffic, but also adds much needed parking for residents surrounding 1st Street and 2nd Street,” said Councilmember Jeannine Pearce.

An estimated 103 parking spaces will be added on 1st and 2nd Street between Alamitos Avenue and Cherry Avenue, supporting the parking needs of surrounding neighborhoods.

“Broadway has long been an area of focus for me as I have worked to reduce traffic speeds and improve safety with crosswalks and flashing beacons,” said Councilwoman Suzie Price. “I am glad that additional improvements continue to come to this important corridor that connects my district with downtown.”

“The first phase of this project was the removal of trees along the Broadway Corridor that had outgrown their surrounding space,” said Public Works Director Craig Beck. “Throughout the duration of this project, Public Works will work with local businesses and residents to minimize impact.”

Construction activities will accommodate special events such as the Long Beach Grand Prix and Annual Long Beach Pride Parade to ensure attendees’ ease of access. This project is scheduled for completion in November 2018.

About Measure A
In 2016, Long Beach voters recognized a pressing need to maintain and enhance public safety services and invest in City infrastructure. Thanks to the passage of Measure A, Fire Engine 8, Paramedic Rescue 12, Police South Division, and Police Academy operations have been restored, enhancing public safety citywide. The City is also making a historic investment in revitalizing heavily utilized public spaces such as streets, libraries, community centers, and parks. Anticipated to raise $384 million over ten years for the City of Long Beach, Measure A is collected as a one percent sales tax for the first six years, and then reduces to half a percent in the four years before it sunsets. For more information, visit:

About Public Works

The Long Beach Public Works Department strives to operate, preserve, and enhance the City's physical infrastructure and transportation systems. The Department provides a variety of community services including the repair, rehabilitation and general upkeep of City streets, trees, sidewalks, and City structures. Public Works also provides emergency support services throughout the City. Visit us at, "Like" us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram