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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEPress Release # CM: 060216
Long Beach Named No. 10 Most Bike Friendly City in America
Kerry Gerot
Public Affairs Officer

The City of Long Beach continues to make great strides toward improving livability, and has been named the No. 10 Most Bike Friendly City in America, according to a national survey.

“The national recognition we have received for our investments in bike infrastructure is fantastic,” said Mayor Robert Garcia. “Many residents in our City rely solely on bicycles as a means of transportation, which is why it is critical we create safe and effective routes for them to get to work, school, the grocery store, and to our award winning parks. These investments also help our local economy by improving access to our business corridors.”

The City’s Livability Initiatives can be seen across town taking the form of improved bike infrastructure, increased walkability in our downtown core and many of our unique neighborhoods, and improved water quality in our marinas and waterways.

“Making Long Beach a great place to live for all of our residents is a top priority for us,” said City Manager Patrick H. West. “The investments we’ve made, and the recent livability initiatives, help to underscore our commitment making Long Beach the best place to live, work, and play.”

The survey looked at the percent of commuters who bike to work, bicycle commute times, miles of protected bike lanes, and bicycle storage facilities. The survey used data from, and was featured on, the largest athletic event website in the United States.

Fourteen “recharge stations,” which consist of a public bike fix-it station and a water fountain to fill bottles, have recently been installed throughout Long Beach. These small, colorful stations feature bicycle repair tools attached to cables, along with a permanent universal bicycle pump. Cyclists will now have a place to go if they hear a rattling noise on their bike while out on the road, or if a tire is getting low. The fountains have a special chamber that enables water bottles to be filled up quickly. The recharge stations have been placed around Long Beach where bicyclists and walkers/joggers are known to congregate.

The recharge stations were funded by a state grant, except the stations along the coast, which were funded by the Tidelands Capital Budget, which is supported by the City’s share of oil revenue, and is restricted to projects along the coast.

The City of Long Beach will continue to promote its Livability Initiatives, which include bikability, walkability and swimability, so all residents can experience a better quality of life, protect our environment by reducing the dependence on cars, and promote healthy, active lifestyles.