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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEPress Release # 111220
Long Beach Health Officials Urge Increased Vigilance as COVID-19 Cases Rise
City Residents Strongly Urged to Get Flu Shots, Wear Facial Coverings and Practice Physical Distancing
City of Long Beach Joint Information Center

Long Beach, CA - Due to rising COVID-19 cases in Long Beach, regionally and in jurisdictions across the state, the City is urging residents to adhere to the Safer at Home Health Order and safety protocols to slow the spread.

“We need to be more vigilant than ever in following the COVID-19 safety guidelines,” said Mayor Robert Garcia. “As we move indoors with cooler temperatures, it’s so important that we stay the course, wear facial coverings, wash our hands and limit interactions outside our immediate household. We have to all work together to keep our community safe.”

Residents should be mindful of situations where there is a higher risk of transmission which can contribute to the spread of the virus, including:

  • Activities where it is difficult to wear a face covering the entire time, such as eating and drinking.
  • Activities where you see people you haven’t seen recently, such as those outside of your immediate household, extended family and friends.
  • Activities where it is difficult to keep your distance, such as multiple people at a small table.
  • Activities are indoors and don’t allow for plenty of fresh air to circulate.

While some gathering is now allowed, Long Beach Health officials encourage residents, especially those who are at increased risk of developing serious complications from COVID-19, including older adults and those with underlying health conditions, to find alternate ways to socialize without gathering in-person.

“We know people are experiencing COVID fatigue and impatience, but our choices and actions truly do affect our health and the health of our families and neighbors,” said Department of Health and Human Services Director Kelly Colopy. “It’s important that we commit to reducing close contact, sanitizing surfaces frequently and finding creative ways to socialize safely.”

Long Beach continues to have adequate hospital capacity and personal protective equipment (PPE) available to meet the needs of our community, and Health officials continue to work closely with area hospitals to ensure readiness. 

It is important that residents have adequate supplies of food, medication and personal items on-hand so they will not need to leave home in poor health or poor weather. However, it is equally important that individuals continue to purchase only the quantities sufficient for their household, so others can buy what they need for their household. 

Healthy choices, good nutrition, staying active and preventative measures, such as annual physicals and vaccinations, all contribute to greater health, but everyoneeven those who have previously contracted the virusis at risk of contracting COVID-19.

“Now that we are entering cold and flu season, on top of this pandemic, it’s more important than ever that you take care of yourself,” said City Health Officer Dr. Anissa Davis. “If you feel sick, avoid mixing with others, even those in your own household. It’s imperative that everyone take precautions to stem the spread of colds, flu and COVID-19. Continue to wear a face covering, maintain six-foot physical distancing, adhere to proper hand hygiene and get a flu shot.” 

It is possible to be co-infected with both the flu and COVID-19, both of which could increase a person’s risk of serious health outcomes. Battling the flu and COVID-19 at the same time can be a hardship on one’s respiratory system and have lasting effects. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) also reports that, while getting a flu vaccine will not protect against COVID-19, it can save healthcare resources for the care of patients with COVID-19. This means getting a flu vaccine this year is more important than ever.

Residents are encouraged to contact their healthcare provider or local pharmacy to receive a flu vaccine. The City is also offering free flu vaccinations through Nov. 21.

As of Nov. 11, there have been almost 14,000 COVID-19 cases in Long Beach, and 265 people have died from the virus. Approximately 13,000 individuals have recovered.

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