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City of Long Beach Launches Vaccine Data Page on City’s COVID-19 Data Dashboard
More than 104,000 Vaccine Doses Administered; 60% of Long Beach Older Adults Have Received at Least One Dose
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Long Beach, CA - Beginning today, Feb. 26, the City of Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services (Health Department) will include a vaccine data page on the City’s existing interactive COVID-19 data dashboard, featuring timely COVID-19 vaccination data for Long Beach. Data include breakdowns of administered vaccine totals and detailed demographic information for vaccinated Long Beach residents.

“I’m incredibly happy and proud that 60% of our 65+ seniors have been vaccinated,” said Mayor Robert Garcia. “As we continue to vaccinate as many people as possible, it is critical that we make data accessible and open to the public.”

Vaccine Data
The new COVID-19 vaccine data page, available as a button feature on the City’s existing COVID-19 data dashboard, features detailed timely COVID-19 vaccination data, including total number of vaccine allocated to the City, total number of administered first and second doses, dates of vaccine administration, total number of vaccinated Long Beach residents, and detailed demographic information for vaccinated residents including age, gender, ethnicity/race and zip code. 

Highlights of the data released today include:
  • 104,374 doses of vaccine have been administered in Long Beach.
  • To date, 66,553 residents of Long Beach have received at least one dose of vaccine, which is approximately 14.5% of the City, compared to approximately 12% in Los Angeles County and 8.2% in Orange County.
  • 60% of the City’s older adults (those 65 and older) have been vaccinated either in Long Beach or another jurisdiction, in comparison to 43% of the older adults population in Los Angeles County and 52.6% in Orange County. Note that the 47.9% referred to on the dashboard reflects older Long Beach residents vaccinated in the city as compared with the share of all residents vaccinated in the city. 
  • Zip code data show that vaccination rates range from 7.9% to 24.1% of the population vaccinated, demonstrating the continued need for focused vaccine outreach and intervention in North, Central and West Long Beach.  
  • The data show white residents make up nearly 40% of the vaccinated population, corresponding with census data showing the Long Beach older adult population is 54% white.
The vaccine data page will be updated consistently with the remainder of the data dashboard, Mondays through Fridays, or as new information becomes available.

Equity Outreach Efforts
Long Beach and the City’s partners have held five dedicated clinics in North, West and Central Long Beach in the month of February to bring vaccinations directly into areas most affected by COVID-19 to directly reach groups in need of vaccine resources. Additional clinics will be planned in March. This week, the City received 5,100 additional first doses that were scheduled for Wednesday through Friday, with a focus from VaxLB subscribers in zip codes with high COVID-19 case rates and lower vaccination rates.   

Streamlined Design
Similar to the rest of the COVID-19 data dashboard, the vaccine data page features simplified text and image-based graphics, streamlined and organized with the end user in mind. Information has been curated specifically for the general public, so site visitors can find the information they need quickly and easily.

“We have worked diligently to ensure these data are presented in a timely, accurate and consistent manner that can be easily understood by the public,” said Health Department Director Kelly Colopy. “We will continue to provide more vaccination data as they become available.”

The City has been working to administer as many vaccine doses as possible to those in the eligible groups as allocation becomes available. In December 2020, the City announced a rollout plan for equitable distribution of vaccine and has since begun administering vaccinations to healthcare workers, older adults, emergency services personnel, educators and food sector employees in Long Beach. 

The City originally launched the COVID-19 data dashboard last April and has since expanded it as more data have become available. 

As of Feb. 25, there have been 51,195 COVID-19 cases in Long Beach and 832 people have died from the virus. More than 104,300 doses have been administered, which includes more than 66,500 first doses and more than 37,800 second doses. These numbers differ from the vaccinated residents number above as many people in Long Beach work outside the city and were vaccinated through their employer.

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