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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEPress Release # 120120
City of Long Beach Issues Further Restrictions
Gathering Among Members Outside of Households to be Disallowed; Additional Safety Modifications Put into Place
City of Long Beach Joint Information Center

Long Beach, CA - The City of Long Beach has reached unprecedented levels of new COVID-19 infections. COVID-19 cases, which now number 16,786, are rising rapidly in Long Beach. Since Nov 1, the average number of new cases has increased by 313%, a much steeper curve than the City saw during the summer surge. The positivity rate is now at 6%, compared to 2.9% at its lowest, and the most recent seven-day average case rate is 31.6 per 100,000, up from a low of 6.9 per 100,000. 
Long Beach-area hospitalizations (Long Beach Memorial Hospital, St. Mary Medical Center, College Medical Center, Lakewood Regional Medical Center and Los Alamitos Medical Center) have grown by 413% since November 1, to 149. While the City monitors regional hospitalizations, we also track Long Beach residents who are hospitalized from COVID-19. That number has grown by 160% since Nov. 1. Currently, 86 Long Beach residents are hospitalized with COVID-19; and 64% Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds are being utilized. The number of cases at long-term care facilities (LTCF) are also on the rise. There are currently eight outbreaks at LTCFs in the city, a stark contrast from early November, when there was a period of no reported outbreaks.
To further protect against the spread of COVID-19, amid this alarming rise in cases and hospitalizations, the Department of Health and Human Services will issue an updated health order that provides modifications for various activities and limits occupancy at businesses. The changes are effective at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 2. The amended health order will be forthcoming tomorrow. 

“As COVID-19 transmission rates continue to dramatically surge locally, regionally and across the state, we must continue to take all measures to protect ourselves and each other,” said Mayor Robert Garcia.

Leaving Home
Reminder that individuals must stay home whenever practicable to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Individuals may travel to and from essential businesses, to work at or provide services to a healthcare operation or essential business/infrastructure, to engage in essential activities or to participate in permitted individual or household outdoor and indoor activity while practicing required physical distancing, infection control and masking. Sector protocols detail specific operating directives.

All public and private gatherings and events with individuals not in one’s household are prohibited except for religious services and protests, which are constitutionally protected rights.

Permitted Outdoor Recreation for Individuals
  • Beaches, trails and parks remain open for active recreation; running, biking, walking, swimming and playing outdoors are permitted with distancing, infection control and masking (except while swimming). Gatherings are prohibited with members outside of one’s household.
  • Shared outdoor facilities for recreational activities already operating remain open for individuals or members of a single household with required distancing, infection control and masking; this is limited to golf courses, tennis courts, pickleball courts, archery ranges, skate parks, bike parks and community gardens. 
Outdoor Playgrounds
City-run outdoor playgrounds and outdoor fitness equipment are available with the following restrictions:
  • No more than two households on the equipment at a time.
  • People must maintain a physical distance of six feet or more from members of other households at all times
  • All visitors, aged 2 or older, must wear face coverings. 
  • No eating or drinking is allowed at the playground to ensure face coverings are worn at all times.
  • Adult supervision is required at playgrounds to ensure that the above safety protocols are met.
Monitoring and Limiting Capacity at Businesses
All individuals at the following businesses are required to wear face coverings and keep at least six feet of distance:
  • Fitness centers operating outdoors 
  • Museums galleries, zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens operating outdoors
The following sectors have limits on occupancy:
  • Non-essential retail (includes indoor malls) – 25% maximum occupancy
  • Personal care services – 25% maximum occupancy
  • Mini-golf, batting cages, go-kart racing operating outdoors - 50% maximum occupancy
Businesses are expected to monitor all entrances to track occupancy, including being prepared to queue customers outside while still maintaining physical distance and, if necessary, posting an employee (or employees if there is more than one entrance) wearing a cloth face covering near the entrance but at least 6 feet from the nearest customer to track occupancy and to direct customers to line up 6 feet apart outside the entrance if the establishment has reached its occupancy limit.

In alignment with State requirements, all activities conducted outside the residence with members of other households must cease between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., except for essential activities and those activities required by law. People experiencing homelessness are not subject to this curfew. Any number of persons from the same household may leave their residence if they do not engage in any interaction with individuals from other households.

On Nov. 23, the City issued an updated health order to further protect against the surge in COVID-19 cases, in alignment with the State’s health order. These further restrictions, which are consistent with the County of Los Angeles with some variation, are informed by data and a concern for the health of all who live in Long Beach.
Businesses with questions regarding the new protocols may call the City of Long Beach’s Business Information Line between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays at 562.570.4BIZ. Residents with questions may call the City’s Information Line at 562.570.INFO between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., weekdays.
This action was put in place by the City Health Officer, Dr. Anissa Davis, and in accordance with the Emergency Powers granted to the City Manager through the Proclamation of Local Emergency. It is effective from 12:01 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 2, until it is extended, rescinded or amended in writing by the Health Officer. Additional changes could soon be announced by the State, after with the City will address any further potential changes.
For the latest information on COVID-19, with details on all that the City of Long Beach is doing to keep our residents safe, visit and follow @LongBeachCity on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.