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LBPD Launches New Tool for Community to Learn about Police Activity
New LBPD resource will provide information about police investigations
Media Relations Detail

On March 17 2022, the Long Beach Police Department debuted a new tool for the Long Beach community to access information about police activity and investigations.

As part of our ongoing commitment to external communications and providing valuable information to our community, the Department will begin posting information about recent police activity, ongoing investigations, and other LBPD updates to the Department’s homepage and on the “News” tab of the Department’s website.

At approximately 10:00 a.m. each day, community members will be able to read preliminary information about incidents that may have occurred the previous evening, including shootings, stabbings, traffic fatality and murder investigations, as well as any other notable incidents. This page will be resource for the public to learn more about enforcement efforts, arrests, and commendable events and will be updated as new incidents occur.

“The new blotter on our website demonstrates the Long Beach Police Department's commitment to modernizing communications," said Police Chief Wally Hebeish. “This new tool leverages technology to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of transparent information sharing.”

To view this new community resource, please visit the LBPD Homepage and LBPD News.

News releases will continue to be posted to the Department’s News Release webpage.