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The Long Beach Police Department wants everyone to be safe and feel safe in Long Beach. In response to recent incidents in the downtown area, the Department has launched a collaborative effort to address crime and enhance public safety in our community.

On Oct. 28, 2023, the LBPD launched a plan to strategically reallocate Police Department resources in order to supplement current proactive and preventive patrol measures in the South Division area. This multi-faceted approach will incorporate the deployment of available officers from our Neighborhood Safety Bike Team, Quality of Life Team, Motor officers, as well as Drug Investigations detectives, crime analysts and a public information officer. Over the coming weeks, the Department’s comprehensive downtown plan will utilize an evidence-based approach to focus resources on impacting a variety of crimes including trespassing, illegal drug sales, violent crime, property crime, juvenile loitering, juvenile curfew, and other crimes which might occur in the identified operational area of downtown.

“Reducing crime and enhancing safety throughout our entire city remains a top priority for the Long Beach Police Department. Our police officers and professional staff have worked tirelessly, made numerous scheduling adjustments, and responded to a variety of department needs in order to help keep our community safe,” said Chief of Police Wally Hebeish. “This plan to enhance community safety speaks to the commitment of our personnel, and their adaptability to help us meet the current needs of our downtown area. Public safety is not just enforcement - although that’s a critical component. It’s also proactive engagement, shared problem solving, and helping people in need. We remain committed to all of these things.”

The LBPD will continue to leverage our established partnerships with other city departments, including the Health Department, Public Works, the Fire Department, and Parks, Recreation, and Marine to engage those experiencing homelessness and participate in clean-up efforts.

In addition, we will keep our community informed of our efforts and will share the results of this effort on social media, Nextdoor, and Neighbors by Ring.

To view reports of crime in our city, please view the LBPD’s Crime Incident Mapping Application.