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Last Thursday, the Long Beach Police Department celebrated its 52nd Annual Police Awards Ceremony. This event was held Thursday, Nov. 30, 2023, at the Beverly O’Neill Theater.

LBPD personnel and Long Beach community members were recognized for going above and beyond in service to our community.

“Each day, LBPD personnel make a difference in our community,” said Chief of Police Wally Hebeish. “From small gestures of kindness to acts of bravery and heroism, our personnel demonstrate a commitment to service, to helping those in need, to being an advocate for victims, to justice, and to keeping our community safe. It is my great honor to recognize these personnel and our community partners who do so much for the city of Long Beach.”

Awards of the Long Beach Police Department

Unit Citation is presented to a group of employees for the collective performance of a distinguished act or acts, or a significant contribution benefiting the department, or outstanding performance of duty, which is above and beyond the normal demands of police service.

Public Records Compliance Division

• Tom Leary
• Annette Rygh
• Ligia Borrelli
• Arnita Harper
• Sang Kim
• Diane Scarritt
• Christopher Camello
• Moulene Navor
• Pattrize Cisneros
• Laura Gonzales


• Bernardo Barajas
• Greg Brown
• Ryan Christopher
• Michelle Jarman
• Luis Rodriguez
• Jeffrey Weber

Outstanding Community Partner is presented to an individual or organization that has demonstrated exceptional partnership with the Police Department and a commitment to improving community safety.

• Target of Long Beach
• California Youth Empowerment Service

Community Service Award is presented to community members or City employees for courageous actions taken to protect life, prevent crime, or provide other outstanding service to the Long Beach Police Department.

• Long Beach Elder Abuse Prevention Team (LB EAPT)
• Trauma Intervention Program, Long Beach Chapter

Community Policing Award is presented to those individuals embracing the Community Oriented Public Safety philosophy in developing strategies that promote proactive solving and community partnerships to address the causes of crime and social disorder.

Athletic Community Policing

• Daniel Haas
• Jessica Williams
• Chan Hem
• Vannak Vann
• Rudy Rodriguez
• Dylan Larrieu

Distinguished Service Award is awarded to an employee for outstanding performance of duty.

• Jason Dallas
• Marc Ornelas
• Frank Nogales
• Michael Johnson
• Edward Esquivel
• Joseph Wright
• Manny Tejeda

2019 Employees of the Year
• Detective Mark Mattia
• Clerk Supervisor Dorothy Nulk

2020 Employees of the Year
• Detective Alexander Roberts
• Clerk Typist Elaine Lopez

2021 Employees of the Year
• Detective Lisa Schumaker
• Crime Analyst Amanda Cooper

2022 Employees of the Year
• Officer Allen Duncan
• Analyst Jennifer Serafin

Meritorious Award for Bravery is awarded to an employee for an act of bravery extending above and beyond the normal demands of police service or for a service performed at great personal risk.

• Charles McGowan
• Kenny Villegas
• Antonio Ibarra
• Armando Garcia

Meritorious Award for Heroism is awarded to an employee for an act of heroism that is performed at great risk to the employee’s safety in an effort to preserve human life.

• Eric John Robbins
• Julio Juarez
• Daniel Olea
• Rudy Rodriguez

Excellence in Leadership Award is awarded to a member of the Chief’s Command Staff who has exhibited outstanding performance, professionalism, and exemplary leadership.

• Commander Darren Lance
• Administrator Leslie Bruce