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As part of the Police Department's commitment to the City of Long Beach’s framework for reconciliation, the Long Beach Police Department will be launching a new office to address changes in policing. This office will better position the Police Department to successfully move into the future and will be responsible for creating forward-looking change which is centered on management practices, policies, training, recruitment, accountability, and constitutional policing.

“This Department remains committed to our 21st Century Policing principles that build trust and reinforce accountability,” said Chief of Police Robert G. Luna. “We will continue to make strides in our commitment to community engagement, meaningful partnerships, and constitutional policing. I strongly believe that under the direction of Assistant Chief Wally Hebeish this new office will uphold our values while continuing to make meaningful changes in the way we continue to serve our community.”

This new effort, the “Office of Constitutional Policing,” has been created to rethink traditional policing in a manner that will help implement equity, justice, and constitutional public safety to our entire community. This office will support the Department’s goals of policing within the parameters set by the U.S. Constitution and the California State Constitution while protecting the rights of all people. It will guide our Department towards building greater trust and strengthening relationships through increased responsiveness, transparency, and accountability while increasing public safety. To meet these goals, this office will be responsible for:

  • Ensuring the Department is up to date with best practices in policing, legal mandates, and community expectations
  • Guiding the expansion of data analytics for accountability and transparency
  • Engaging with key stakeholders and other city departments for inclusivity and equity
  • Liaising with the City’s Office of Equity

The Office of Constitutional Policing began operations on July 14, 2020.