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 Recruit Academy Class #94 

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The Long Beach Police Department (LBPD) is pleased to announce the graduation of Recruit Academy Class #94. The graduation ceremony was held today, February 19, at the Long Beach Performing Arts Terrace Theater.

Fifty LBPD recruits successfully completed 27 ½ weeks of intense academic, physical, and practical training in areas such as patrol procedures and law enforcement tactics, firearms training, weaponless defense, criminal law, vehicle operations, community-oriented public safety, persons with mental health disabilities, cultural diversity/human relations, and procedural justice.

Class #94 brings a wide range of talents from a variety of backgrounds to the Department. The graduating class includes the following officers:

Officer Ricardo Acosta

Officer Rachel Masai


Officer Nicholas Arroyo

Officer Kendra Meadows


Officer Julian Aguilar

Officer Austin Miller


Officer Jared Algra

Officer Mendrit Muqolli


Officer Hugo Ayala

Officer John Nakamura


Officer Alec Blincoe

Officer Garrett Nickerson


Officer Jose Campos

Officer Frank Nogales


Officer Kyle Esparza

Officer Cristopher Parada


Officer Jackeline Fuentes

Officer Taylor Pietrini


Officer Andres Gomez

Officer Noah Pimentel


Officer Fabian Green

Officer Angel Ramos


Officer Austin Gunadi

Officer Gregory Roberts


Officer Rigoberto Guzman

Officer Jacob Roberts


Officer Sarah Harvey

Officer Sergio Romero


Officer Luke Hatwan

Officer Shmuel Rouzaud


Officer Charles Hundley

Officer Stephanie Sanchez


Officer Jaleena Hust

Officer Jose Sandoval


Officer Brian Ivers

Officer Alejandro Santos


Officer Jazzi Johnson

Officer Roger Santos


Officer Stephen Jordan

Officer Amanda Schwartz


Officer Taron Lamkin

Officer Brian Truong


Officer Miriam Leserman

Officer Daniel Velasquez


Officer Jimmy Luera

Officer Kakkda Vong


Officer Jeremy-Andrew Mabini

Officer Joseph Wright


Officer Ismael Martinez

 Officer Adam Yu  

The LBPD congratulates the graduates and wishes them continued success in their future careers as law enforcement officers in the City of Long Beach.