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A defendant recently charged with multiple charges relating to human sex trafficking has been convicted and is now facing multiple years in prison.

In March 2012, the Long Beach Police Department's Youth Services Section was conducting a follow-up investigation in regards to a female juvenile that had been reported as a missing person. During the course of the investigation, the detective learned that the juvenile had been recently arrested for prostitution. Upon interviewing the minor, it was discovered that she had been forced into prostitution by a suspect who used extreme acts of violence to control his prostitutes. The investigation also led to the identification of two additional juvenile victims, and ultimately, the identity of the suspect.

In June of 2012, detectives served a search warrant in Compton at the residence of 35-year-old James Suawvey Conley, and although the suspect was not located at that time, detectives recovered evidence in the home connecting him to human sex trafficking. On June 22, 2012, Conley was located and arrested by Long Beach Police and members of the U.S. Marshal's Office.

On April 17, 2014, Conley was convicted in Long Beach Superior Court on nine counts relating to charges that included human trafficking, lewd acts on a minor, and pimping/pandering, and is facing 113 years to life in prison for his crimes. Sentencing is scheduled for June 11, 2014.

It was determined that Conley was part of a multi-million dollar pimping operation that controlled a prostitution track that ran along Long Beach Boulevard, from the 710 Freeway and into Compton. The crimes were committed over the course of three years and involved the three female juveniles who were between the ages of 15 and 17. The female juvenile that initiated this investigation is now working and going to school.

The Long Beach Police Department is committed to combating human trafficking and we will continue to use all tools available to us to identify those responsible and hold them accountable.

Anyone who is, or has been a victim of human trafficking is urged to come forward by contacting the Long Beach Police Department’s Vice Investigations Detail at (562) 570-7219. Any victim in need of resources is also encouraged to contact detectives.