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LBPD Locate and Impound Vehicle Connected to Illegal Street Takeover

Release Date: 2022-03-24

On March 6, 2022 at approximately 1:22 a.m., East Division Patrol officers responded to the area of 2nd Street and Granada Avenue regarding a reckless driving call. Upon arrival, officers observed approximately 50 vehicles and 200 onlookers blocking traffic on 2nd Street from Argonne Avenue to Nieto Avenue. Officers gave the crowd direction to disburse, which subsequently made the crowd dissolve and end the illegal street takeover event.

Following this incident, officers gathered evidence and intelligence to positively identify one of the vehicles that took part in the illegal street takeover, and subsequently obtained a search warrant for a 30-day impound hold of the vehicle. On March 24, 2022 at approximately 1:00 a.m., in collaboration with Los Angeles Police Department as part of a Street Racing Task Force, officers located the vehicle in the City of Simi Valley and successfully impounded the vehicle.

Great work by our officers and a big thank you to our law enforcement partners for this excellent collaboration! Watch More Here

Impoundment Tire marks 2nd and Granada

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This information is preliminary and is intended for early information use rather than being a formal investigative report.