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Implementing these safety recommendations will make your business "crime unfriendly."
Remember, most crimes are crimes of opportunity...don't allow your business to be an easy target!

  • Lighting is an important factor to consider when crime-proofing your business
  • Avoid sodium style lighting. It casts shadows and distorts colors - metal halide (or fluorescent) bulbs are preferred
  • Lighting should be on photocells so they automatically turn on during all times of darkness. Lighting should be placed above all doors leading into and out of the business - this includes loading docks and delivery doors
  • Remove all advertisements, furniture, and other items from the windows because they block visibility into and out of your business. Make the criminal as visible and vulnerable as possible
  • Re-locate cash registers and display shelves so the cashier has a clear view of the door (do not place the register area next to the door) and the entire store. The cashier should also have a clear view of the parking area to observe any activity that is occurring outside the store
  • Remove all exterior payphones from your business
  • Encourage every employee to make eye contact with and verbally acknowledge every customer who enters the business. Let the potential criminal know they have been seen and are being watched
  • Your business should have a minimum of two employees on duty at the same time during all hours of operation
  • Install an alarm system with panic buttons at the cashier counter, interior office areas, at drive-through windows, and in the walk-in freezer and large storage rooms
  • A fish-eye viewer should be installed on the door where deliveries are made and in all interior office doors. All office doors should be solid core material with dead bolt locking mechanisms. Ensure the viewer is installed at a height of approximately 5 to 5 ½ feet
  • Train your employees - post various "what to do in case of" scenarios so they know what to do and how to stay safe. Teach them to observe the suspects' gender, race, age, height, weight, clothing, weapon description, and direction of travel. Teach them not to touch anything the suspect may have touched - including the cash drawer
  • Post "No Loitering" signs on the property
  • Ensure your address is clearly posted on the front of your business (and on the rooftop in 4' wide strokes)