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CCW Licensing Information for City of Long Beach Residents

Your CCW application needs to be submitted through our online “Permitium” system effective May 1, 2023. Please allow for a minimum of one (1) hour to complete the entire application process as you will not be allowed to save and complete the application at a later time.

IMPORTANT: Please keep a record of your Order Number after submitting your application. Your Order Number is needed to check your application status and view messages from the CCW Licensing Unit.

There Are Two Phases to the Application Process:

  • Phase One: Complete Application, Live Scan, and Background Investigation.
  • Phase Two: In-person Interview, Psychological Evaluation, and Firearm Training and Qualification.

Please click on the following links to view our Initial Application Guidelines, Live Scan Form, Fees, Policy, Authorized Training Providers, CCW License Holder’s Guide for Contacts with Law Enforcement,and Frequently Asked Questions.

For questions, please contact the Licensing Unit during business hours at (562) 570-7481 or email the team at: LBPD-CCW@longbeach.gov.

Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW) License Application Process for Qualified Retired Long Beach Police Department Peace Officers

California Penal Code § 26305 states that CCW licenses may be issued to honorably retired peace officers who have met the minimum years of service and have accepted a service or industrial disability retirement.

Honorably Retired LBPD Peace Officers Requesting a CCW Endorsement Must:

  1. Complete the Retired Peace Officer [LBPD Retired Peace Officer CCW Application Writable Rev.2020] application.
  2. Contact the LBPD Range at (562) 570‐5974 to schedule an appointment.
  3. Contact the Live Scan office at (562) 570-5142 for a new photo/Live Scan.
  4. Submit application to Live Scan staff and allow one month to process.

Out of State Applicants: Please begin the renewal process two (2) months prior to the expiration date to avoid a lapse. For assistance with completing the application process from outside of California or for special accommodations, please contact (562) 570‐7301.