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National Incident-Based Reporting System

The Long Beach Police Department has transitioned to the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS), which changes how the department collects and reports data. 

The FBI has mandated that law enforcement agencies across the country transition to NIBRS to improve the overall quality, accuracy, and timeliness of crime data collected. 

For decades, the national standard for crime reporting and data collection was through the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program's Summary Reporting System. The LBPD phased out SRS and has transitioned to NIBRS-only data collection. As the new national standard for data collection, NIBRS captures a higher level of detail on individual crime incidents than through the current SRS. 

Some benefits of NIBRS include:

  • Provides greater specificity in reporting offenses
  • Collects more detailed information
  • Helps give context to specific crime problems
  • Provides greater analytic flexibility

Why is this important?

  • Reported crime numbers will seem higher than they were in the past for certain offense categories.
  • This does not mean that crime has increased; it just means the way crimes are reported has changed. 

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Update March 24, 2023:
 The Department has posted crime statistics for January and February 2023 using an updated report consistent with the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS).

Update Nov. 7, 2022: The Department has recently moved to a new records management system and is also updating its UCR data collection system to the modernized National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS/CIBRS). Due to these two major transitions and unforeseen challenges with the implementation of the new RMS system, the Department is currently experiencing a delay in reviewing statistical data and processing requests for police reports. The Department prides itself in providing these services in a timely manner and is taking the necessary measures to address these delays.  

NIBRS Monthly Crime Statistics

The following statistical reports contain the LBPD's monthly crime statistic data consistent with the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS). 

2023  January  February  March  April  May  June  July  August  September  October  November  December

*The February 2024 crime stats were updated on 4/1/24 due to an error.


The Police Department, in collaboration the Technology and Innovation Department, has developed a new crime incident mapping application. This new application provides ease-to-use tools to search and query crimes within the city.

2016-2022 Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Crime Statistics 

The following statistical reports contain the LBPD's monthly crime statistic data sorted by 5 year summary, previous year to current year, and reporting district. 

  • Reporting district number is a small, geographically designed area (usually several neighborhood blocks) contained within a patrol beat
  • Crimes against persons include murder, forced rape, robbery and aggravated assault
  • Crimes against property include residential and commercial burglary, auto burglary, grand theft, petty theft, bicycle theft, auto theft, and arson


Part II crime totals are included on each monthly RD report, but are not broken down by category. The crimes are classified according to FBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) guidelines.


Since 1930, participating local, county, state, tribal, and federal law enforcement agencies have voluntarily provided the Nation with a reliable set of crime statistics through the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program. The FBI, which administers the program, periodically releases the crime statistics to the public.

Learn more about Part 1, Part II crimes, and other offense definitions.


(Monthly Comparison)

2022  January  February  March  April  May  June  July  August  September  October  November  December

January  February  March  April  May  June  July  August  September  October  November  December

January  February  March  April  May  June  July  August  September  October  November  December 

2019  January  February  March  April  May  June  July  August  September  October  November  December

2018  January  February  March  April  May  June  July  August  September  October  November  December

2017  January  February  March  April  May  June  July  August  September  October  November  December

2016  January  February  March  April  May  June  July  August  September  October  November  December


2017-2022 YTD
2016-2021 YTD
2015-2020 YTD
2014-2019 YTD
2013-2018 YTD
2012-2017 YTD


12/2/22: Due to migration to a new records management system, we are temporarily unable to provide reporting district-level data. For specific data requests, please submit a public records request via our PRA Portal. 

January  February  March  April  May  June  July   August 

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2021 2020 2019 2018
 January January January January
 February February February  February
 March March March March
 April April April April
 May May May May
 June June June June
 July July July July
 August  August August August
 September September September September
 October  October October October
 November  November November November
 December  December December December


Year-End Statistics: 2020   2019   2018   2017   2016   2015   2014   2013


 LBPD Historical Grime Graph

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The data contained within these reports is collected from a database that is continuously updated. The reports represent a particular point in time and may not reflect the current status of the database. The City of Long Beach and the Long Beach Police Department cannot assume any liability for decisions made based on the reliance of this information.