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Employee wellness is paramount within the Long Beach Police Department, fostering resilience, productivity, and community trust. Prioritizing the mental, physical, and emotional health of all our employees not only enhances their overall well-being, but also bolsters their capacity to serve and protect the community effectively. Through wellness programs, access to resources, and support systems, the department ensures officers are equipped to navigate the demands of their roles while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Below are some of the offerings we provide to help promote employee wellness.

Counseling Team International (CTI)

In 2019, the LBPD began utilizing the services of the Counseling Team International (CTI) for critical incident support and counseling services for its public safety personnel. Services provided to LBPD personnel include short-term counseling, employee training, referrals to long-term care options, critical incident support and response for individuals, and/or the entire department, if necessary. Employees and their family members have accessed this free and confidential service.

Voluntary Benefits focused on Wellness:

Long Beach Police Department employees also benefit from a variety of health and wellness benefits that are afforded as employees of the City of Long Beach such as Gympass and Flexible Spending Accounts.

Gympass provides employees access to a large selection of gyms, studios, classes training and wellness apps. It is a membership health and fitness provider that offers members unlimited access to a variety of different fitness programs through of network of providers. Basic packages start at $9.99 a month.

Financial wellness is also important! A Flexible Spending Account lets you set aside money—before it's taxed—through payroll deductions. The money can be used for eligible healthcare and dependent day care expenses you expect to have over the next year. The main benefit of an FSA is that you receive reimbursement for eligible out-of-pocket expenses. It also reduces your taxable income, which means you have more money to invest in wellness needs.