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Long Beach Skyline


Why Long Beach?

Long Beach has a great balance of being a big city with a small-town feel. Being the seventh largest city in California and among the second busiest U.S. shipping ports, it draws in individuals from all over the world. Our city has diverse cultures, art, and people. With many unique attractions and beautiful weather, the City of Long Beach is a fantastic place to start your new career.

Long Beach Patrol Officer


Patrol Officers experience new challenges every day to make our community safer by responding to emergencies, investigating crime, making arrests, filing reports, resolving disputes, mediating conflict, and utilizing innovative ways to make the community safer.  The skills developed while working as a patrol officer hone the leadership and investigative skills necessary for promotion and specialized assignments. 

Long Beach Detective


Detectives assigned to our Investigations Bureau investigate various crimes, identify suspects, and prepare cases for trial. There are many specialized investigative details, including homicide, burglary, robbery, gangs, and computer crimes. Detective assignments qualify for detective skill pay.

Specialized Details

The Long Beach Police Department Support Bureau and Community Services Bureau offer additional opportunities to utilize our employees' unique talents, including specialized assignments such as:

Long Beach SWAT


Our SWAT team, composed of SWAT team members & technicians and Hostage Negotiators work together to resolve complex incidents. Team members generally work this assignment in addition to their daily assignments.

Long Beach Safety Bike team

Neighborhood Safety Bike Team

The Bike Team focuses on interacting with and educating our community. They serve as another way for us to expand community policing concepts in a manner that supports all of our neighborhoods while providing support to patrol officers.

Long Beach Boats and Dive team

Boats and Dive Team

Long Beach is a leading shipping hub, and  officers assigned to the Port Division work with the many agencies involved in the harbor to help keep our community safe. Many officers in the Port Division are also members of our Dive Team, who conduct underwater operations safely.

Mental Evaluation Team

Mental Evaluation Team

Paired with a licensed clinician, the officers assigned to our Mental Evaluation Team help community members who are suffering from mental health emergencies through their crisis.


Long Beach Police Officers

Quality of Life

Members of our Quality of Life team work with individuals who are experiencing homelessness. They help community members locate housing, assist individuals in reconnecting with their families, and provide additional resources to those in need.

Long Beach Air Support

Air Support

We operate two Eurocopter AS350B2 helicopters which support ground-based units engaged in all facets of law enforcement and specialized public safety activities. This support includes patrol operations, search and rescue, surveillance, tactical operations, transportation, aerial photography, training, fire suppression aid, and disaster response. 


K9 Team


This team of specially trained officers works with their canine partners to search dangerous or inaccessible locations and apprehend hidden suspects. Some dogs are trained to deploy with the SWAT team for high-risk searches, others are cross trained to search for narcotics, and some are trained to search for narcotics and guns in local schools.