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Steps to Join

  • Written Examination


    We accept scores from either of the following written examinations:

    The California POST Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Battery (PELLETB)

    - OR -

    “FrontLine National” written examination

    NOTE: If you have already received a passing score, the score is valid for up to one year.


    Qualified applicants will be provided with a testing date. Testing dates will be determined by the Civil Service Department and will be limited to availability. There is no cost to take the PELLETB Exam.

    Applicants taking the PELLETB exam must meet the following minimum score:

    • T-Score – 45
    The PELLETB is a multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank written examination designed to measure reading and writing ability. The examination contains five sections:
    • Spelling (select the correct spelling of a word from a list of options)
    • Vocabulary (select the correct meaning of a word from a list of options)
    • Clarity (select the sentence that is most clearly written from a pair of options)
    • Reading Comprehension (read a passage and answer questions about the passage's content)
    • CLOZE (use contextual clues to complete a passage that contains blanks/missing words)

    NATIONAL TESTING NETWORK (NTN)  – “FrontLine National Exam”

    Applicants must schedule a testing date through nationaltestingnetwork.com. NTN charges a fee to take the FrontLine National examination. NTN offers a practice test for an extra fee.

    Applicants taking the written exam with NTN must meet the following minimum score(s):

    • Video – 65
    • Reading – 70
    • Writing – 70

    FrontLine National examination consists of:

    • Video-based human relations test
    • Reading test
    • Incident observation and report writing test

    A limited number of fee waivers are available through the City of Long Beach, on a first come, first served basis. Proof of financial need is required. Please contact the Civil Service Department to see if you qualify, (562) 570-6201.

    NOTE: You do not need to fill out a Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ) or take a Physical Ability Test (PAT) through NTN as these two processes are administered through the Long Beach Police Department at a later date.

  • Orientation (Physical Abilities Test)

    Applicants invited to orientation should be aware that the Police Department Academy Staff begins the screening and selection process as soon as they see a candidate enter the Academy grounds. Applicants should keep this in mind and conduct themselves accordingly.

    During the orientation, applicants will be given information on the various stages of the evaluation and background process, including a tentative hiring timeline. Applicants should plan to spend four to six hours at the Academy for the orientation and should be mentally and physically ready to start the process. Candidates will complete a background questionnaire and are required to complete an agility course, a timed 1.5 mile run, and demonstrate upper body and core strength:

    AGILITY COURSE (must be completed within 2 minutes and 30 seconds)

    • run 300 feet;
    • scale a six foot solid wall;
    • run another 300 feet;
    • drag a 165-pound dummy 32 feet

    NOTE: This is a pass/fail event. Applicants unable to complete this course will be provided with an opportunity to retake the test within one week. Applicants that are unable to successfully complete the second PAT attempt, will be disqualified.

    TIMED RUN (must be completed within 15 minutes and 30 seconds)

    • 1.5 mile run on a flat, out and back course.

    NOTE: Applicants who do not complete the run within 15 minutes and 30 seconds will be automatically disqualified.


    • Perform as many sit-ups as able (up to 40) within two minutes
    • 2 minutes of rest
    • Perform as many push-ups as able (up to 40) within two minutes

    Do not wait until you are in the testing process to begin a physical fitness program!

    Physical fitness needs to be maintained throughout the hiring process, at or above the standards above, in order to be successful in the Academy. Practice sessions may be available with the Academy Staff prior to the orientation.

    Learn more about HIIT workouts.

  • Oral Interviews

    Following the orientation presentation, candidates will be scheduled for a Chief’s Oral Interview and a Background Assessment Interview (BAI).

    The Chief's Oral Interview panel consists of one Long Beach Police Officer and one community member. Several structured questions will be posed to each applicant. The questions are designed to evaluate the applicant's knowledge of relevant topics and assess their communication skills. The better prepared applicant will have a good working knowledge of the City of Long Beach, its rich diversity, the Police Department, and the many events and attractions that make Long Beach great.

    The BAI will be conducted by background investigators. It is essential that candidates be completely honest. Dishonesty is grounds for immediate disqualification.

    NOTE: All applicants are encouraged to order and retain their medical records associated with their current medical conditions and procedures, physical symptoms, limitations, restrictions, and the use of medications and drugs, immediately following their successful completion of this step.

  • Psychological/Polygraph Screening

    The Long Beach Police Department conducts an extensive and comprehensive background investigation on police recruit applicants beginning with a psychological and polygraph screening process in compliance with the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST). Applicants will take a polygraph and have a fingerprint examination done. The polygraph examiner and background investigation will make inquiries into areas including, but not limited to, illegal activity, recent or prolonged involvement with illegal drugs and other possible unlawful behavior. Candidates will also be required to pass a psychological screening designed specifically for the position of Police Recruit.

  • Background Investigation

    The Long Beach Police Department conducts an extensive and comprehensive background investigation on police recruit applicants in compliance with the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST). In addition to the psychological and polygraph screening, other areas that will be investigated as part of the background investigation include:

    • Personal: name, aliases, birth date, social security number, tattoos, citizenship, etc. Relatives and acquaintances will be contacted regarding your suitability to be a police officer

    • Education: high school, college, trade school, and any other sources of diplomas, certificates and degrees, received or in progress, will be verified through sealed official transcripts

    • Residences: residences for the last 10 years will be verified
    • Employment: all employment history, including part time and voluntary jobs, will be verified and inquiries will be made with current and past employers and co-workers

    • Military Service: registration with the Selection Service System will be verified. Military service records will be evaluated, if applicable

    • Financial: inquiries relative to responsibility, dependability, maturity, and liability as these related to meeting financial obligations will be evaluated. You will be required to submit a sealed Experian® credit profile as part of your required documentation

    • Legal: criminal inquiries will be made at the local, state, national, and if necessary, international level. Investigation will be made into all possible and actual criminal conduct. Arrests and convictions will be evaluated on a case by case basis (a misdemeanor conviction in and of itself is not necessarily a disqualifying factor)

    • Motor Vehicle Operation: behavior as it relates to driving ability and judgment will be reviewed, as well as, verification of required automobile insurance


    POST sets the minimum standards for peace officers in California. POST guidelines provide the following five (5) major categories that are considered during the hiring process:

    1. Moral Character: integrity, impulse control, attention to safety, substance abuse and other risk taking behavior

    2. Handling Stress and Adversity: stress tolerance as well as confronting and overcoming
      problems, obstacles, and adversity

    3. Work Habits: conscientiousness, dependability, and attention to detail
    4. Interactions with Others: interpersonal skills and teamwork
    5. Intellectually-Based Abilities: decision making and judgment, learning ability, and
      communication skills

    For further information, visit the POST website.

  • Selection

    Applicants who pass all aspects of the background investigation phase of the hiring process are presented to the Selection Committee of the Long Beach Police Department. The most qualified candidates will be selected for entrance into the Long Beach Police Academy.

  • Medical Screening

    Applicants selected for the academy are required to pass a medical examination, which is in accordance with P.O.S.T. standards. A description of the Peace Officer Selection Requirements Regulations can be found here.

    As mentioned in “Step 4: Oral Interviews,” all applicants should have ordered and retained their medical records associated with their current medical conditions and procedures, physical symptoms, limitations, restrictions, and the use of medications and drugs, immediately following their successful completion of the Background Assessment Interview (BAI) and Chief’s Oral Interview.

    These records are only to be given to the City’s Medical Doctors or contracted doctors.

  • Enter the Academy


    The Police Academy is a unique training experience designed to develop those persons seeking a profession in Law Enforcement. The Academy will provide recruits with an environment to learn and develop skills, abilities, and procedures related to police work. The recruit will be asked to perform learned skills under a controlled, simulated, and stressful environment to help replicate situations experienced by police officers. The Police Academy will challenge recruits to their mental, emotional, and physical limits to better prepare them for the demands of police work.

    The Police Academy will require recruits to study provided information, complete and pass written examinations, and prepare uniforms and equipment for daily inspections. This can be a time-consuming process. Without a solid support system, a recruit may find it difficult to meet the standard requirements set by the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training.


    Law Enforcement officers are entrusted by the community to enforce the law legally, morally, and ethically. Recruits are expected to perform with the highest level of character, integrity, and professionalism. While at the Police Academy, the recruit shall adhere to the following:

    • Arrive on the first day in excellent physical condition, ready for rigorous physical activity
    • Ability to be “coachable” and work in a team environment
    Regular Basic Course Academy Learning Domains