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The Jail Division includes booking desk operations, the housing of adult inmates in Long Beach City Jail facilities, Court Affairs, the Court Bailiff Detail, the Transportation Unit, and Civic Center Security. 


In compliance with the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 (PREA), the Long Beach Police Department has established standards to prevent, detect and respond to sexual abuse, harassment, and retaliation against detainees or prisoners in the Long Beach Police Department jail facility. 

If you would like to report sexual abuse and sexual harassment on behalf of a detainee or prisoner in the Long Beach Police Department’s Jail Facility, please contact our Dispatch Center at (562)435-6711. 

Booking Desk

The booking desk serves as the point of intake for adults arrested and brought to the Long Beach City Jail. Over 18,000 prisoners are booked here annually. The booking desk operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and handles all duties associated with prisoner intake and release.


The Long Beach City Jail is one of California's largest city jails. The women's facility can house up to 70 inmates and the men's facility can house up to 132 inmates. The jail is a "Type I" facility, which is used for the detention of non-sentenced prisoners for no more than 96 hours excluding holidays. The facility also houses sentenced prisoners who volunteer as "inmate workers."

Detention staff is required to attend Adult Core Corrections Officer training within the first year of employment. The course includes over 200 hours of specialized training. Employees must attend a minimum of 24 hours of Standard Training for Corrections (STC) certified training each subsequent year.

Detention staff are responsible for intake and reception, fingerprinting, photographing, and computer inquiries related to inmates. They conduct direct visual security checks of inmates and facilities at regular intervals. They classify and assign inmates to housing, maintain jail and inmate security, assist with medical rounds, respond to emergencies, provide first aid, and ensure meals and showers are provided. 

Court Affairs

The Court Affairs Office is responsible for receiving and processing all subpoenas for legal summons related to department employees. Staff ensures court appearance information is properly entered into the automated court affairs system and updates data as appearance dates and times change. They ensure department employees are notified of subpoenas in a timely manner and appear in court as required. They are liaisons to City Prosecutors, District Attorneys, and Defense Attorneys. 

Court Bailiffs

The Court Bailiff Detail is responsible for escorting inmates housed in the Long Beach City Jail to the Long Beach Courthouse. They provide courtroom security while the inmates are arraigned. Court bailiffs escort both male and female adult inmates, whose charges range from infractions to felonies, to court. 

Prisoner Transport Unit

The Transportation Unit is responsible for transporting parolees and subjects arrested on out-of-county warrants to Los Angeles County Jail. Prisoners are transported on a daily basis to all Los Angeles County Jail facilities. This unit transports over 2000 inmates annually. They work closely with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and Long Beach Jail personnel to ensure that all transportation and county booking procedures are followed.

Civic Center Security 

The Civic Center Security Detail is responsible for providing a safe and secure environment in and around the Civic Center Complex. The Civic Center Complex includes City Hall, the Main Library, the Lincoln Park parking structure, and the Civic Center Plaza.

Special Services Officers assigned to this detail provide direct and video monitoring of the area. They monitor all deliveries, and vehicle and pedestrian traffic, in and out of the complex. Security is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Deliveries, vehicles, and items brought into the Civic Center complex are subject to random search.