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Juvenile Criminal Investigations
Curfew Enforcement

Juvenile Investigations is a multi-faceted section, which deals with at-risk youth and juvenile offenders. The section's objectives include prevention, intervention, investigation and suppression activities. Juvenile Investigations consists of four details; each specializes in one or more of these objectives.

Parents in need of assistance should contact the following locations:

211 - LA County - is a county resource hotline covering many different needs for families. Simply dial 2-1-1, available 24 hours a day

City of Long Beach Family Preservation Program, 6335 Mrytle Ave, Long Beach - Information on City resources for families. Call 562-570-3278

City of Long Beach Health Department - A wide amount of resources for families including alcohol and drug programs. Call 562-570-4100


Juvenile detectives are responsible for approving bookings and the disposition of juveniles after bookings. Detectives also investigate incidents where juveniles are believed to have committed a crime. When juveniles are taken into custody, detectives file petitions with the Juvenile District Attorney's Office to initiate the court's process of rehabilitation or punishment of the subject. In minor criminal cases, juveniles can be cited into traffic (informal) court.

In special cases, a juvenile may be referred to alternative programs such as Short Stop and Neighborhood Citizens Committee rather than being involved with the courts. These programs are intensive educational alternatives to the court process for minor non-violent offenses. It is the goal of Juvenile Investigations to identify, take into custody, and process juveniles in such a way as to prevent future problems with law enforcement for the betterment of the child and the community.


The City of Long Beach has a curfew law that applies to all minors. Section 9.58.010 of the Long Beach Municipal Code states: "It is unlawful for any minor under the age of eighteen (18) years to remain in or upon any 'public place' as defined in Section 9.02.090, between the hours of 10:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. the following day."

The L.B.P.D. takes curfew violations seriously. Our experience has shown us that children who are on the street after curfew are more likely to become victims of violent crime, and also are more likely to become involved in criminal behavior.

It is important for parents to know the whereabouts of their children at all times, and to ensure they get home safely before curfew.

Curfew laws are in place to protect minors and keep them safe, and the L.B.P.D. will enforce this law with the safety of our community's youth in mind. By working together, we can help provide kids with a safe environment to grow in and thrive.


For youth employment opportunities through the City of Long Beach's "Hire-A-Youth Program," visit the Pacific Gateway Workforce Investment Network website.

During the summer months, the City of Long Beach offers a variety of programs, activities and classes for youth of all ages through the Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine, and in partnership with the Long Beach Convention & Visitor Bureau. Concerts and movies in the park are fan favorites and something a family can do together. To learn more about these programs, visit the Long Beach Parks website and the 100 Days of Summer website, or call (562) 570-3100.