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Long Beach has been fortunate to be the cradle for many of professional sports' most revered players, and when it comes to the great games of baseball and softball, our city has been blessed with a wealth of legendary figures.

In addition to those who made their fame on the field, there have been hundreds of important off-the-field figures and supporters that have helped make Long Beach one of the country's leading baseball and softball cities.

Some of the city's most memorable baseball and softball games were played both at Blair Field and the adjoining Joe Rodgers Field. How fitting it is then that Blair Field is the home of the long Beach Baseball Hall of Fame and Joe Rodgers softball field is the site of the Long Beach Softball Hall of Fame.

Each year, numerous names are submitted for selection to the respective Halls of Fame. Many of those not selected in 2007 will remain in consideration for future years. The large number of names given to the two committees each year speaks volumes about the quality of these two sports in Long Beach.

The two selection committees have the difficult task of narrowing down each year's class to a select few. The culmination of all of this hard work came to fruition on June 23, 2007 to honor the members of the Long Beach Baseball and Softball Halls of Fame.