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Adult 50+ Classes Spring 2024 

*Spring Class Registration Begins Monday, Feb 5.


Intermediate/Advanced class consists of clinic on fig­ures and choreography followed by cued round dances. Class fee: $5. Fee per person, per class.

Edward Patrick
Long Beach Senior Center
Monday, 7-9:30 p.m.

Class #60756    3/4-3/25
Class #60757    4/1-4/29 
Class #60758    5/6-5/20 

Have fun learning new dances each week. Great exer­cise dancing to all types of music. No experience need­ed. Come with a friend and meet new people. Class fee: $5. Fee per person, per class. *No class: 5/16 & 5/23. 

Janet Karter
El Dorado Park West
Thursday, 1 -2 p.m.

Class #60722    3/7-3/28 
Class #60723    4/4-4/18
Class #60724    5/2-5-30*  


Not your typical chair yoga class! Suitable for beginners as well as experienced yoga students, this class incor­porates the use of a chair for various poses and move­ments. Meditation, breathing and relaxation techniques are also included. Please bring a yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks and yoga strap. Walk in fee available. 

Lacey Marsac
Wardlow Park
Monday, 11 a.m. – noon.
Wednesday, 9-10 a.m.

Class #61824 3/4-3/25 $40
Class #61821 3/6-3/27 $40
Class #61825 4/1-4/29 $50
Class #61822 4/3-4/24 $40
Class #61826 5/6-5/20 $30
Class #61823 5/1-5/29  $50 

Join us for “adult recess” as we put the “fun” into our functional fitness! We will work to improve balance, sta­bility, agility, and strength using our bodies, weights and games. Brain-training drills will help improve memory, problem solving, and mental acuity. We will boost our immunity by exercising our bodies, and improve our mental skills by exercising our brains. You will leave class feeling energized and strong. All fitness levels welcome. Instructor Tami Santy is certified by the Func­tional Aging Institute and ACE Fitness. Bring a mat and light dumbbells to class. Fee per person, per class. 
*Class meetings on 3/5 & 3/7 will be held outdoors.
*No class: 3/19, 3/21,  5/14 & 5/16.

Tami Santy
Wardlow Park
Tuesday, Thursday, 10:30-11:15a.m

Class #60854    3/5 -3/28* 
Class #60855    4/2-4/30*
Class #60856    5/2-5/30* 

Suitable for every age and level of ability. With regular practice this class improves flexibility, strength, balance and general well-being. Bring a yoga mat and a beach towel. Walk in fee available. 

Silvana Behre
Recreation Park
Monday, 9:45-11a.m

Class #60902    3/4-3/25     $52
Class #60903    4/1-4/29.    $65
Class #60904    5/6-5/20     $39 

Come dance with me-bring water, a towel and a smile. Change your body and challenge your mind and have fun doing it! Dance your troubles away to various rhythms. Class fee: $15. Walk in fee available.

Adrianne Rosenfeld
Recreation Park
Thursday, 6-6:50p.m.

Class #60836    3/7-3/28
Class #60837    4/4-4/25
Class #60840    5/2-5/23  

Lightweight lifting followed by low impact cardio. Fun, easy to follow aerobic workout. Cool down in a chair or on the floor to increase flexibility. Bring lightweights and a mat. Class fee: $5. Fee per person, per class. *No class: 5/28.

Sherrie Zachau
El Dorado Park West
Tuesday, Thursday, 11a.m.-noon

Class #61094    3/5-3/28
Class #61095    4/2-4/30
Class #61096    5/2-5/30* 

A fun Latin inspired fitness program that includes Merengue, Salsa, Cha Cha, Cumbia, Belly Dance, Fla­menco, Tango and Rock n’ Roll. A safe and effective total body workout that is great for the mind, body and soul. Come dance with me! Class fee: $5. Fee per person, per class. 

Sherrie Zachau
El Dorado Park West
Wednesday, 9-10a.m.

Class #61097    3/6-3/27
Class #61098    4/3-4/24
Class #61099    5/1-5/29