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Pre-registration is required.  Visit www.lbparks.org. 
Join us at the Nature Center for fun and exploration this summer!  Children will experience nature through investigation, hands-on activities, games and crafts. See schedule below.   

10 a.m.– noon. For children ages 3 - 5 years old. Children must be potty-trained. This is not a parent participation class. $100 per week.

June 19 – 23.     Dino-Might     
Journey back to a time where dinosaurs ruled the world.  How did these amazing creatures go from being the mightiest to being gone?  Through art and exploration come learn about our dino-buddies.

July 10 – 14.  Get Groovin’
Dance your way down the trail for a week of movin’ and groovin’! Tango like a turtle, disco like a dragonfly and salsa like a squirrel as we explore the world of animal movement and how our own bodies move, too!

July 24 – 28.      On the Lookout        57931
Can you find them all?  Let’s travel the trails in search of animals of all shapes and sizes.  Collect “nature badges” as we explore the wild habitats at the NC.  

August 7 – 11.    Nature Speaks
Join us as we explore the language of the forest.  Why do birds sing, frogs croak, and coyotes howl?  Come along with us on the trails as we learn about how animals communicate. 

9 a.m.-noon. For youth ages 5 - 8 years old. Children must have completed kindergarten. $100 per week.

June 26 – 30. 
     Not All Heroes Wear Capes               57933
Calling Falcon, Ant Man, and Black Widow.  Let’s see if these amazing superheroes can go head to head with their Nature Center animal counterparts.  Whose powers and adaptations will rule the multiverse?

July 17 – 21.  Make a Splash
Get your feet wet as we explore all things water!  It is vital for all life and brings us fun and relief in the summer heat.  Join us for exciting experiments and games with H2O-the coolest thing around! 

July 31 – Aug 4.   The Orienteers
Make a trusty compass as we join an expedition into the wilds. We will navigate our way through the trails, testing our mapping skills to find hidden secrets and mysterious signs. With the tools we create, we will be sure to stay on course.

Aug 14 – 18.   Sensational Recipes
Combining science and our senses is a recipe for fun. Let’s make bubbles, finger paints, fizzy potions and more. We will gather ingredients, experiment, and concoct exciting new creations.